Conservatives? No, it’s the Cameron Party

All credit to David Cameron for his performance on the Andrew Marr show this morning.  After all, it’s extremely difficult to keep a straight face when telling a huge whopper on national television.  Marr brought up the subject of the new Conservative billboard poster campaign and suggested that the campaign was all about Cameron rather than the Conservative party.  Of course Cameron denied this and spoke about the Conservative team, singling out William Hague and Kenneth Clarke for special mention.

Well, thanks to ConservativeHome, you can decide for yourself if the poster is really about the Conservative party, or if it’s all about Cameron.  Do you see a team on there?  I can only see a heavily airbrushed image of Cameron.  Laughingly, he told the press earlier this week he hoped his image had not been airbrushed.  Does he honestly think we believe he did not see the final version and approved it without noticing his image had a certain Max Headroom type quality to it?  When he looks in the mirror, is that the skin and tone he sees?

Notice the pledge.  It doesn’t say the party will cut the deficit instead of the NHS, it says Cameron will.  The name Conservatives only appears as part of a web address.  The Conservative party tree logo is completely missing.  This is a poster for the self proclaimed heir to Blair, the Cameron Party.  Maybe such an observation is unfair.  Perhaps this was Cameron’s PR team going a little bit OTT to make the boss look good.  Surely, the man is not bigger than the party and his team, is he?

Oh hang on.  Let’s think back to July 2007 and the Ealing Southall by-election.  Who was it candidate Tony Lit was standing for?  Hmmm.  Fair enough, I concede that was a while ago.  Perhaps Cameron has become more collegiate since then.  If so he has hidden it well.  Consider this comment Cameron made in an interview for the Guardian.  The subject of climate change came up and addressing the possibility of a mini-revolt from climate change sceptics within the Conservative party, Cameron said:

“A very small number of people take a different view on the science, but the policy is driven by me, and that is the way it is going to be.”

It doesn’t seem there is much scope for Cameron’s ‘team’ to have a say in matters now, does it?  The only logical conclusion is that the Conservative election campaign will be all about him.  Autocracy and hubris is writ large across Cameron Party HQ.

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