That vaunted British influence in the EU

Readers of ConservativeHome will be familiar with the ad hoc postings of Tory MEP Dr Charles Tannock.  One of the good doctor’s regular justifications for full British political engagement at all levels of the EU is that it supposedly furthers British influence in Europe.  The argument always held little water and thanks to a request circulated internally by EU Commission President, José Manuel Barroso, it will soon hold even less.

A story published on EurActiv explains that ahead of a confirmation vote in the European Parliament on 9 February, EU commissioners are being asked by Barroso to make their cabinets more multinational and gender-balanced.  Merit and ability are being sidelined in another sop to the diversity religion that infests the political arena.  But Barroso doesn’t stop there.  He is determined to deal with what he sees as over representation based on nationality:

The internal note distributed by Barroso’s services underlines that men outnumber women and many cabinets are too nationally-oriented, with an all-too-evident predominance of officials from the same country as the commissioner who selected them. Meanwhile the British, French and Portuguese are over-represented, especially among spokespersons.

It looks like fewer jobs for the boys who want a cosy and well remunerated career in Brussels once they have had their fill of local politics in Westminster.  As for the already limited influence of Britain in the EU, evinced by the constant stream of damaging and meddlesome edicts handed down from Brussels that harm our productivity, flexibility and competitiveness, that is set to degrade from illusion to fiction.  One wonders what straw the desperate Dr Tannock will be forced to clutch next in his ongoing crusade to convince people that we are shaping the EU, as the relentless assault on our national identity and interests continues.

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