One for George Monbiot

In his latest idiotic post on climate change/global warming, George ‘I’m right you’re wrong’ Monbiot has a juvenile and laughable attempt at undermining people who expose the flaws in his anti-scientific warmist creed.

Perhaps when his hubris subsides Monbiot will realise the stupidity of his ‘award’ for climate change denial, for in the comments section, in response to a wholly appropriate observation that the IPCC ‘Great melting Himalayan glaciers’ fallacy should win his daft subjective accolade, Monbiot blathers:

The difference between the contestants for the prize and the IPCC is that not one of the people I featured in the entries has retracted a single false claim they made.

That is a pretty good definition of the difference between honest and dishonest commentary. Everyone makes mistakes; some people keep making them even after their errors have been exposed.

Setting aside the fact that the IPCC have trotted out this claim for years despite knowing it was patently false, only today we have IPCC Chairman Rajendra Kumar Pachauri refusing to correct the error that has been exposed about Himalayan glaciers.  If that does not meet Monbiot’s test, then nothing will.

However, Autonomous Mind is nothing if not an optimist, so perhaps Moonbat can try this from the estimable Bishop Hill for an example of dishonest commentary.  No, it’s not naughty independent thinkers denying the science little George says is settled because it fits his worldview, it’s the warmist environmental journal Nature being accused of inventing quotes to defend the so called consensus viewpoint. Tsk tsk.

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