Is the Great Climate Climbdown starting?

Could it be possible?  Could it be that we witnessing the start of a great climate climbdown concerning the true impact of CO2 as a ‘greenhouse’ gas, and therefore the supposed influence of mankind on the climate?  Something must be shifting in the climate change establishment if the Telegraph’s environment correspondant Louise Gray is prepared to go to press with an article such as this.

Sceptics of man made global warming have long argued that water vapour, which exists in hugely greater concentration in the atmosphere than trace gas CO2, has a much larger influence on climate.  But until now the media has ignored the fact and perpetuated the CO2 myth peddled by scientists who stand to earn more research grants to study it and big business which is finding ways of making CO2 into a valuable commodity to be traded for huge profits.

Regular watchers of climate change reporting in the British media will better know Louise Gray for the way she retails unsubstantiated global warming predictions without any semblance of balance or effort to challenge the claims.  Even now La Gray still turns to the warmists whenever she wants a quote, in this case Vicky Pope whose role at the Met Office is to perpetuate the agenda of the warmists rather than look objectively at what is happening to our climate.  But despite that, this piece feels different.  The climate consensus puppets in the media now realise their reputations will suffer for unquestioningly repeating claims that were made by agenda-driven scientists and organisations that are rapidly being discredited.

When even the most supportive of journalists, such as Gray, swiftly moderate their line when reporting on climate change matters, the signs are clear that the game is up.  The length of time the consensus activists will continue to fight their rearguard action remains to be seen.  They are still trying to work out if dumping Rajendra Pachauri as Chairman of the IPCC enables them to clear the slate and rebuild their agenda in a different way.  But it very much looks like a fighting retreat is underway.  The climbdown is starting.

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1 Response to “Is the Great Climate Climbdown starting?”

  1. 1 JohnRS 29/01/2010 at 6:35 pm

    I suspect that most of the pro-warmist reporters in all MSM channels will now start to publish articles like this to hedge their bets. Their professional reutations are already looking shakey, the longer they cling unquestioningly to this drivel the worse it could be in the end.

    If it turns out that the MMGW theory isnt a scam (unlikley I know) then they can show how balanced and open minded they were. If, as we all expect, the cracks continue to widen and the false God eventually crumbles to dust then they can claim they weren’t really fooled at all. So for them it’s a win-win position – cyncial, shows they havent got a clue about what they’ve written in the past, but win-win nevertheless.

    The guys who are doing such an amazing job in revealing the lies, mistakes and corruption need everyone else to keep up the pressure on the media.

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