Cameron’s closed mind on climate change clouds judgement

David Cameron once described himself as the Heir to Blair.  Given the messianic self delusion Tony Blair demonstrated during his years in office (and again before the Chilcot inquiry last week) and his unshakeable belief that he was always right, regardless of what the evidence might show, Cameron’s self affixed label looks ever more appropriate now.

Cameron has justified that Heir to Blair moniker this week as we learn from the Daily Telegraph today that the Tories have hired Lord Stern (he of the Stern Report on climate change) to help create the Conservative vision of a bank designed to channel public and private money into funding green business plans and technologies.  This has happened just days after it was shown that Stern’s report was altered after publication because a number of the claims Stern made in it were simply not backed by scientific evidence.  Stern also stands accused of misquoting work to suggest a firm link between global warming and the frequency and severity of disasters such as floods and hurricanes that has not been proved.  In other words it contained bogus information.

Regardless of this David Cameron has decided to establish a close working relationship with Stern.  It seems curious to climb into bed with a man whose report not only engaged in baseless scaremongering, but is now being discredited as a result of long overdue scrutiny of its reasoning and conclusions.  Is this really the sort of company an aspiring Prime Minister should be keeping if he wants people to have confidence in his judgement?

On taxation, the EU, reform and funding of the NHS and now climate change, Cameron is doing the opposite of what informed opinion suggests needs to be done.  If Cameron was a rat, he would be the one to join a sinking ship.  But at least we can understand what is behind Cameron’s zeal.  Once you get beyond the photos of the great man patting huskies on snowy wastes, the Telegraph provides all the insight required:

The Tories have argued that Britain lags behind European, US and Asian rivals in tapping the market for green goods and services. They say this market could be worth about £1 trillion.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the money train at the heart of this scam continues to rumble along, powered by its CO2 whipping boy, while real pollution of the environment and harmful deforestation continue unchecked in the name of progress.  One wonders how much Cameron stands to gain from it.

Update: There is an important update to this story here.

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4 Responses to “Cameron’s closed mind on climate change clouds judgement”

  1. 1 hugh fraser 02/02/2010 at 12:29 pm

    We can’t expect politicians to throw up their hands and say “We got it all wrong and committed billions of tax payers money to a ridiculously over hyped bit of hysteria.” We have to give them the easy way out. “Green” can mean trying to stop deforestation, soil erosion, cutting down hedgerows, poisoning rivers, and it can mean encouraging sweeter smelling exhaust fumes. Al this “good green” stuff has been sidelined as the Climate Change Gravy Train steams along the mainline of political life. Let’s steer Cameron and co onto the proper green train. Let’s gently smile their embarrassing windmills on their roofs as a bit of youthful eccentricity. Let’s say it was all a well meaning misunderstanding, but we will be happy to welcome them back into the land of the sane any time.

  2. 2 JohnRS 02/02/2010 at 1:57 pm

    Hugh, I agree….but meanwhile they’ve got to back away from the big spending plans, maybe while they hold “a review” (always good for delaying things). While they are thinking we can convince them of the more sane alternatives you mention.

    Apart from anything else the massive tax hikes and pointless spending plans will just be a millstone around the neck of the economy while it tries to recover.

  3. 3 huskylover 20/02/2010 at 6:29 am

    Love reading your blog, always learn random new stuff.
    Emily Randall

  1. 1 Stern denies Conservative climate bank role « Autonomous Mind Trackback on 02/02/2010 at 9:47 pm
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