Carbon Reduction Commitment shows money, not CO2, driving climate change policies

If anyone still doubts that the government’s climate change policies and initiatives are about servicing the financial interests of big corporate companies, rather than reducing those evil polluting CO2 emissions, then consider this.  This information concerns the government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment or CRC (recently renamed the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme) that is due to come into force in April this year.  A fascinating piece on Climate Change Corp explains what it is: 

The scheme is compulsory for large organisations using more than 6,000 MWh/year of half-hourly metered electricity, which translates to roughly £500,000 in electricity bills, and is aimed at encouraging these large organisations to reduce their fixed source energy consumption.

Companies will have to start buying carbon allowances to cover their carbon emissions, and that will involve measuring and recording energy use and calculating carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions (not including transport emissions).

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme is the UK’s very own cap and trade scheme.  Now bear in mind that many large corporates are allocated carbon allowances that they can trade.  Under the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, businesses and organisations will need to buy allowances.  If they have a shortfall of allowances then, as I understand it, they can buy more of these credits from big corporates who are selling their excess allowances that were given to them for free.  Hardly a level playing field.  Needless to say, as the launch date nears the flaws in this latest Labour act of economic vandalism are starting to emerge.

Want to guess who is taking the hit?  Yep, small and medium size British businesses.  Want to guess who benefits?  Yep, the large corporates and overseas businesses.  Want to guess what the likely CO2 reduction will be?  Yep, right again, hardly anything.  Now think about this carefully.  If you believed that CO2 was a major problem because by emitting this trace gas mankind is causing worrying damage to the climate, is the CRC Energy Efficiency Schemethe way you would rectify it?  Clearly not.  So what is the motivation behind this legislation if not the vested interests of the big corporates and their political friends?  After all, how do any of the following implications of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme deal with climate change?

  • ‘The CRC levy will punish firms who have made the move to use specialised datacentres to manage their data in order to take advantage of the security, availability and power efficiencies they provide’ – link
  • ‘Far from persuading everyone to reduce their emissions, the UK’s Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) will actually make it more expensive for some companies to move to a more efficient IT option, according to the managing director of a UK hosting company.’ – link
  • ‘Loopholes in the Government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) energy saving scheme could mean that global emissions actually increase, according to IT services firm Morse […] Instead of encouraging firms to adopt more energy-efficient in their power-guzzling data centres, some organisations have already bypassed the scheme by opening up new data centres offshore in countries with less stringent regulations. The result is no improvement to global emissions and a detrimental effect on UK job prospects.’ – link
  • ‘But according to Liam Newcombe, secretary of the British Computer Society’s datacentre specialist group, one of the legislation’s key flaws is that participants only purchase carbon credits under the scheme based on their own levels of in-house carbon emissions, not those generated by outsourcing providers on their behalf […] As a result, he is concerned that organisations will be provided with a ” perverse incentive” to outsource their IT infrastructure, potentially to overseas operators, to avoid additional charges imposed by the CRC. “I’m already aware of a couple of organisations that are very interested in managing their CRC league table positions by outsourcing their IT assets,” Newcombe said.’ – link

It is clear that money is driving climate change policies and initiatives in the UK.  CO2 is being used as the scapegoat for the imposition of massive increases in costs for all but the biggest businesses.  This would not be the case if CO2 was a threat and mankind could affect warming or cooling of the globe.  Small wonder the supposed scientific basis for all these changes is being exposed as nothing more than a con trick founded on manipulated data, flawed computer models and unsubstantiated theories.

Small wonder also that the IPCC Chairman, Rajendra Pachauri, spends more time flitting between board rooms of major organisations and managing the large business portfolio this scam has enabled him to develop.  What we are seeing is the mechanism for bringing about massive global wealth redistribution at the expense of our own economy and prospects, while centralising governance in a few key supranational entities that sidestep democracy in order to exert control over the general population.  The climate change game is up.  It is time for the great rip off to be closed down.

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5 Responses to “Carbon Reduction Commitment shows money, not CO2, driving climate change policies”

  1. 1 oldrightie 02/02/2010 at 4:01 pm

    Richard North has tipped your post on his EU referendum blog. As we see constant rebuttals of the AGW scam and flawed science, the more we see the utter depth of corruption the Bilderbergers have and are plumbing.
    The hardships these dreadful fiddles are already wreaking on our lives are as nothing to what is to come. We are not so much shooting ourselves in the foot as in the head!

  2. 2 Rossa 02/02/2010 at 5:28 pm

    And here is the “personal” carbon allowance/permit in all its glorious detail about the control of the global population.

    “…Forces are already at work to position a new Carbon Currency as the ultimate solution to global calls for poverty reduction, population control, environmental control, global warming, energy allocation and blanket distribution of economic wealth.

    Unfortunately for individual people living in this new system, it will also require authoritarian and centralized control over all aspects of life, from cradle to grave.

    What is Carbon Currency and how does it work? In a nutshell, Carbon Currency will be based on the regular allocation of available energy to the people of the world. If not used within a period of time, the Currency will expire (like monthly minutes on your cell phone plan) so that the same people can receive a new allocation based on new energy production quotas for the next period.

    Because the energy supply chain is already dominated by the global elite, setting energy production quotas will limit the amount of Carbon Currency in circulation at any one time. It will also naturally limit manufacturing, food production and people movement.

    Local currencies could remain in play for a time, but they would eventually wither and be fully replaced by the Carbon Currency, much the same way that the Euro displaced individual European currencies over a period of time…..”

    The rest of the article is here:-

  3. 3 Mr. Xyz 02/02/2010 at 7:01 pm

    “We’ve told so many lies, young scientists are totally confused”
    (a video spoof of climate science)

  4. 4 fear of driving 09/12/2010 at 5:14 am

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  1. 1 Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme will hurt business « Autonomous Mind Trackback on 10/03/2010 at 1:15 pm
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