Jones continues the climate change deception…

I wish I could focus on other matters, but this subject is so important and the underlying motivations, ongoing distortions and casual deceptions so disgraceful, I find myself gravitating back to it daily.  The focus today is Professor Phil Jones who has been speaking to the Press Association (reported in The Times) in what should have been a valedictory interview.  Most people will skim over the piece and many will fail to detect the evasive subtext and the manipulative approach Jones is taking.

This is the man who was caught out, by the Climategate data leak from the University of East Anglia, advising colleagues to delete data and emails rather than have it scrutinised by people who doubted the findings Jones’ team were publishing.  This is the man who broke the law by actively blocking requests for data made through the Freedom of Information process, and has only escaped prosecution on a technicality concering the elapsed time between the offence and it coming to light.  Yet he has the brass neck to say:

‘We are facing more and more public scrutiny and any future work we do is going to have much greater scrutiny by our peers and by the public. We do need to make more of the data available, I fully accept that.

‘We need to work differently, making more data available and making our assumptions clear. Everything needs to be more and more open and we will be striving to do that in the future.’

The arrogance in breathtaking.  Not all data you notice, just more of the data.  Anything that is inconvenient to his very political agenda could therefore still be kept surpressed.  For example, Jones could do a Keith Briffa and decide to simply exclude collected evidence that, if included, would have produced a result that undermines the theory of rapid warming in the 20th century.  It isn’t good enough.  Public money is financing this man and the data is not his to release or surpress as he sees fit.  Regarding the investigation into him and his team, he was quoted as saying:

‘I feel tremendously pressurised by all this but I’m trying to continue my work in the science. I think it’s very important and it’s potentially very serious for the future of mankind in decades to come.’

In other words, his mind is made up.  He is a believer and his scientific work is to a sole end, namely to find evidence for what he believes.  That isn’t science.  That isn’t discovery and learning.  That is a propaganda effort.  So what happens if the evidence he finds contradicts what he thinks in happening to the climate and why?  Well we’ve already seen that.  ‘Tricks’ can be used to do things such as ‘Hide the decline’.  It was contained in the Climategate emails and particularly evident in the methodologies applied to the collection and use of the data.  The data was manipulated and distorted.  He cannot be trusted.  There’s more:

‘The work we do at the University of East Anglia is only a small part of [climate science], there’s thousands of climate scientists around the world supporting our results.’

This is a rare exhibition of modesty from Jones.  His work has spawned derivative work among thousands of other scientists all keen to get grant funding for research in more tightly focused niches.  UEA is considered a global centre of excellence in climate research.  The thousands of other scientists are not supporting Jones’ results, they accept his findings as fact and use his results as a baseline from where they start their own work.  That is why failures at the UEA have implications for an overwhelming proportion of climate research that has followed.  The really annoying comment from Jones however has to be this:

‘It makes me quite worried people are beginning to doubt the climate has warmed up.’

This is cant.  Everyone knows the climate has warmed.  The disagreement is about the extent and the cause and Jones is trying to muddy the water.  Everyone needs to understand the earth has been much warmer and much cooler in the past, regardless of efforts to gloss over historical evidence – again by Jones and his friends.  The doubt centres on how much warming has there been, because measurements are unreliable and adjustments made to raw temperature data are arbitrary; and doubt about what has caused the warming, because while Jones and Co say it is mankind to blame and rely on correlation to argue their case, there is also significant correlation with solar activity and other natural influences and fluctuations.

Thankfully people are asking questions and the bogus claims and shoddy science that has ruled over this subject for so long are being exposed.  If the Climategate leak had not happened, much of this would not have come to public attention.  The inaccuracies and fallacies would have been kept surpressed and the bogus claims would have continued to be made on a gullible public.  And at the heart of this corruption and deception would have been the manipulative Professor Phil Jones.  So I won’t be buying anything he has to sell and no one with any common sense will do either.

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3 Responses to “Jones continues the climate change deception…”

  1. 1 JohnRS 03/02/2010 at 10:42 pm

    Of course he’s going to defend his position – by any means possible.

    His whole professional career is tied up the the Mann Made Global Warming scam. If he was to admit he’s concealed data that didnt support his theory, or excluded info that wasn’t what he wanted to see, or stopped other scientists getting papers that contradicted his published, then his job and salary would disappear. More importantly his professional reputation would be shot.

    So be not downcast, he knows he’s done wrong but there’s no way he’ll admit it until forced to. He thinks he’ll be back in charge at UEA’s Scam Unit, but he won’t if the pressure on the whole theory keeps going.

    It’s just a matter of keeping the political pressure up, don’t let the MSM cover it up, dont let the politicians pretend this is just a minor error that can be overlooked.

    One more push!!

  2. 2 twawki 04/02/2010 at 12:03 pm

    The english press have gone beserk over climategate Jones will never live this down. Even if he was exonerated he will always be the guy who fiddled the figures while the world cooled.

  1. 1 The cost of green alarmism « TWAWKI Trackback on 04/02/2010 at 12:02 pm
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