Met Office and MoD collude in climate data cover up

The Met Office is refusing to disclose the working papers of its Director of Climate Science, Professor John Mitchell, along with copies of correspondence with his IPCC colleagues, after requests filed under the Freedom of Information Act.  The Daily Mail reports that the attempt to prevent the information becoming public has been endorsed in writing by Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth, as the MoD has responsibility for the Met Office.  The article goes on to explain that:

The Met Office’s first response to Mr Holland [FOI requester] was a claim that Prof Mitchell’s records had been ‘deleted’ from its computers.

Later, officials admitted they did exist after all, but could not be disclosed because they were ‘personal’, and had nothing to do with the professor’s Met Office job.

Finally, they conceded that this too was misleading because Prof Mitchell had been paid by the Met Office for his IPCC work and had received Government expenses to travel to IPCC meetings.

The Met Office had even boasted of his role in a Press release when the report first came out.

But disclosure, they added, was still rejected on the grounds it would ‘inhibit the free and frank provision of advice or the free and frank provision of views’.

It would also ‘prejudice Britain’s relationship with an international organisation’ and thus be contrary to UK interests.

The question that must be answered is this, what are Professor Mitchell and the Met Office hiding?  The Met Office’s behaviour underlines its hypocrisy.  After all it was only on Friday that the Met Office’s Chief Scientist, Julia Slingo said this to the Daily Telegraph:

“I think the public are very confused and I do not think we as scientists have helped them as much as we should to really understand the fundamental evidence of climate change. To understand why global warming is different from natural variations […] In the Met Office we are trying to explain the scientific basis of global warming much better at all levels of society.”

The Met Office is not an honest broker.  It cannot be trusted.

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