Losing their home is ‘the best thing’ for some people

So says John Healey MP, Labour’s Housing Minister.  In an interview on BBC Five Live today with Victoria Derbyshire (available for 7 days, interview starts at 1:07:40), he was reeling of a raft of impressive sounding figures in an attempt to tell listeners just how much this overbearing and wasteful government had been able to help people who had fallen behind with their mortgage payments, by throwing huge sums of our money at the problem.  During the discussion, listeners heard this exchange:

VD: So why do you think 46,000 homes were still repossessed last year?

JH: Because in some cases there is no way around that. And in some cases it is the best thing for the people who are struggling with those mortgages. Erm…

VD: Is it?

JH: What I want to make sure…

VD: Sorry, did you just say that, it’s the best thing for people struggling with their mortgages, to lose their home?

JH: Well sometimes it is impossible for people to maintain the mortgage commitments they’ve got. They may…

VD: But you’re saying it’s the best thing.

JH: I’ve said it may be the best thing in those circumstances. The important thing is that people are informed about the help that’s available, able to deal with their lenders, confident that they know that the lenders must only use repossession as a last resort because of the rules we’ve got in place and so that’s part of what we’ve been doing in government… a campaign to make sure that people know there’s help available and can get it.

VD: Right, I’d be interested to hear from people who have had their homes repossessed if they did think it was the best thing for them.

This should tell any voter what they need to know about Labour and its mindset.  If this government can throw taxpayers’ money at a problem and it goes away for a while, it is considered a success, demonstrating how capable and effective the government is.  When simply throwing cash at the problem doesn’t fix the long term issue, then the terrible, distressing consequences that follow are ‘the best thing’ for those people.

Perhaps Healey is with his Marxist friends in resenting those who stepped onto the housing ladder and feels satisfaction when they come a cropper.

Perhaps he is longing for days gone by, where public bodies owned most of the houses and most people were trapped into reliance on the state for the provision of poorly maintained identitkit housing on sink estates where tenants were kept in deprivation.  To Labour it didn’t matter so long as the people knew their place and the elite determined what everyone else would be entitled to.

If the state can’t fix your problem by getting involved and splashing the cash around, then you’re not worthy of saving.  What Healey doesn’t mention is Labour’s massive contribution to people losing their homes by encouraging them to buy now and pay sometime later.

Many homeowners were seduced into thinking boom and bust had been abolished, the good times were here to last and borrowing more than you could afford wasn’t a problem because there’s loads of credit and it’s dirt cheap.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Yes people are responsible for their behaviour, but they took their steer from the government that said have your jam today and the bill will be easy to deal with tomorrow.  Therefore the responsibility must be shared, but the government is absolving itself of blame the role it played.  Its behaviour is an absolute disgrace.

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2 Responses to “Losing their home is ‘the best thing’ for some people”

  1. 1 jameshigham 11/02/2010 at 8:07 pm

    JH: Because in some cases there is no way around that. And in some cases it is the best thing for the people who are struggling with those mortgages. Erm…

    Unbe&%^$(£)lievable. The gall.

  1. 1 Home repossessions up by 15% « Autonomous Mind Trackback on 16/03/2010 at 3:33 pm
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