The David Cameron factor


ConservativeHome tells readers about the latest YouGov poll for the Sunday Times.  We have the most profligate, incompetent, divisive, economically illiterate and spiteful government in modern times, yet the Conservatives with David Cameron as leader are incapable to pushing beyond the lower end of the 40% range.

Cameroons will deny it, but this is the result of Cameron’s ‘centre ground’ triangulation.  This is the result of abandoning conservative principles and policies that are appropriate remedies for the problems Labour has inflicted on this country.  David Cameron brought this on himself by listening to advisers who have no love of the Tory party.  The stagnation can be traced back to his capitulation over the Lisbon Treaty, where after tough words he showed himself to be another cowardly snake oil salesman by meekly accepting Lisbon lock, stock and barrel.  That, in addition to the discriminatory candidate selection process, was the reason I resigned from the party.

In all likelihood the Conservatives will still win the general election with a working majority because they are ahead in key marginals.  But these polls are evidence that there is no widespread enthusiasm for Cameron’s brand of Conservatives.  A Conservative election victory will be the result of being the least disliked party rather than the most preferred.  A vote for the Conservatives because they are not Labour is no ringing endorsement.  Rather than saving the Conservatives, as the Cameroon narrative would have it, Cameron has actually inhibited them.

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6 Responses to “The David Cameron factor”

  1. 1 Kenomeat 20/02/2010 at 11:12 pm

    You’ve explained the Cameron effect on the Tory party’s election prospects as well as any of the leading newspaper political columnists I’ve read.
    When Cameron became leader the Tories were well behind in the polls and Cameron believed the only answer was to capture the centre ground at the expense of traditional Tory values. He has stuck to this tactic even through the disasters of Brown which have lead to the voters crying out for traditional Tory values once again. But Casmeron won’t budge. We, the people, want an end to mass immigration and EU subservience. Why can’t we have it? Vote UKIP for real conservatism.

  2. 2 JohnRS 20/02/2010 at 11:15 pm

    ….and the answer is really simple.

    Using a loudhailer, CallMeDave should announce a couple of conservative policies so that he can really claim to be the leader of a conservative Conservative Party. There are plenty to choose from…he doesnt have any at all at the moment.

    For example, an EU referendum (in, out or Norway solution) would finish the electoral contest before the date’s announced.

  3. 3 jameshigham 21/02/2010 at 12:37 pm

    You know my view, AM, on DC and I posted recently. He cannot seal the deal [the main topic around the sphere today] because he is not principled and people see it. He has no set policy of real conservatism, things we’ve all been banging on about for months now and surprisingly, people from centre-left to centre-right seem to agree on, e.g. an Englishman’s house is his castle – he seems to ignore it and go his own Brussels way.

    People don’t trust him. Now, I’m not saying that John Redwood or David Davis would inspire the electorate but they would be men of principle who’d promote a conservative line. If we’re conservatives, then why doesn’t our leader effing well promote his parties traditional policies>

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