Our new man in Washington, João Vale de Almeida

OK, the news is days old, but nevertheless, meet our new ambassador to the United States.  He is João Vale de Almeida, a Portuguese national Citizen of Europe and career EU bureaucrat.  Having served the EU for five years as head of the private office of European Commission President José Manuel Barroso he was most recently the EU’s Director General for External Relations.

João was appointed by the most powerful woman in Europe, the never-elected-to-any-office former Chair of Hertfordshire Health Authority and first European Union High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Baroness Ashton of Upholland – better known as Catherine Ashton, or Mrs Peter Kellner of YouGov.

This is the man who will represent Britain’s interests in Washington, particularly in matters of trade.  Trade is of course one of a number of areas where the EU decides what’s best for Britain.  As a nation state Britain cannot be trusted to strike its own trade deals with the US because there might not be any benefit for countries such as Germany and France.

The problem for the aforementioned Baroness is that the appointment has annoyed the French and the Swedes because there was no real consultation by the directorate.  Accusations of a failure to consult with member states and a lack of transparency about the appointment have seen Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt write a letter of protest to Puppet Cathy.  However, now that Puppet Cathy is safely in her job and doing the bidding of her puppet masters in the European Commission, she is feeling quite assertive and is not very willing to be held to account by a mere national foreign minister, replying thus:

“Understandably, member states want to be as involved from now on as possible. A couple of member states have raised this with me. We have dealt with it, it’s done,”

Shut up already, Bildt.  It’s done.  End of.  This is the classic EU way.  Cath has settled in quick, eh!  It must be such a relief to the Eurocrats that David Cameron has dispatched his special federalist envoy Ken Clarke to Brussels to promise that if the Conservatives win the UK general election the EU can continue operating in this manner unhindered.  Brussels can rest easy.  Whoever takes control of the Westminster Parliament will be on message and their comms are set to ‘receive’.  There is no need for the EU to even pretend to be democratic or representative any longer.

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