How European justice is dispensed to British citizens

One of the primary functions of a nation state is the protection of its citizens.  Membership of the European Union destroys that capacity and leads to unacceptable injustices.  This disturbing issue is brought into sharp focus today with news of Friday’s release from prison in Hungary of British citizens Michael Turner and Jason McGoldrick.

Both men were accused of fraud after their Hungarian company folded with claims that they owed creditors £18,000.  Hungarian prosecutors used cross-border European arrest warrants to have Turner and McGoldrick detained then extradited from the UK.

When they lost their extradition fight in the UK they were sent to Hungary where they were handcuffed and imprisoned, without any charges being made and without any opportunity to seek bail.  They spent 116 nights in limbo, incarcerated in Hungary.  Their experience is not yet over.

The disgrace is that a British court, bound by European Law, put those two Britons into a situation where they were deprived of their liberty despite an absence of any evidence that prosecutors had a case against them.  Although they are currently out of the cells, Turner and McGoldrick have had their passports taken from them and must remain in Hungary until they are due to report to a Hungarian police station on 8th April.  To us this is an injustice.  To Europeans this is how our judicial system should operate.

This is what it means to be at the heart of Europe.  This is what Brown and Clegg crave and what Cameron refused to fight off.  This is what the European style of justice forced upon us by our craven political elite means for ordinary people.  It is just another example of how we are but serfs to the great power of the EU.  We are owned by our masters in Brussels.

The United Kingdom has no place in such an anti-democratic, injudicious and unjust entity.  But we do not have democratic politicians any longer, just self serving sell outs focused on their own vested interests.

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3 Responses to “How European justice is dispensed to British citizens”

  1. 1 Sinjun 28/02/2010 at 8:59 pm

    We await the rampaging hordes of BBC reporters, Liberty trustees and Binyam Mohammed supporters to highlight this travesty of justice…

    Quite right, AM. Quite right. But what can we do aside from posting comments on blogs, writing more blog posts and voting for UKIP? We need a proper conservative forum where like-minded people can campaign and discuss strategy; share information…and rant! Is there such a place?

  2. 2 Alfred 28/02/2010 at 9:48 pm

    While this is good news, Andrew Symeou has now been in a filthy Greek jail for over six months with no sign of a trial. He was extradited under the EAW, under which the extraditing judge is not allowed to examine the evidence. As Fair Trials International put it (Nov 24th, 2009)

    “Greek police fabricated evidence and lied under oath in order to frame Andrew Symeou, according to a criminal complaint being filed by Andrew’s lawyer in Greece.”

    But there is no media campaign to get him released and the Westminster government has washed its hands of him. So goes the fate of the unimportant individual these days.

  1. 1 EU scare stories now coming thick and fast « Autonomous Mind Trackback on 28/12/2012 at 9:18 pm
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