A response to Trevor Phillips’ attack on caring parents

‘The most blaring and substantial thing that best predicts disadvantage is class and place: who your parents were, what they did and where you grew up.

‘At the moment there is too much advantage given to people who shout loudest and have too much knowledge.’

So says Trevor Phillips, controversial head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission.  What complete and utter rubbish.

My father was the sole breadwinner working shifts in the industrial sector.  My mother spent her time helping other people in a variety of capacities, but didn’t earn a wage.  I grew up in a working class household on a council estate.  I always had what I needed, was properly fed and nicely turned out, but it was always a struggle to make ends meet financially.  Kids around my way didn’t often go to college.  It was a rough area where you needed to be quick witted and handy with your fists, although at times that wasn’t enough.  But I had a happy childhood.

The reason why I was happy was I had parents who loved me.  They brought me up to respect the law and other people.  I didn’t get into trouble with the police like many of my peers.  My parents encouraged me to do better.  They always gave me support and did what they could to ensure I had opportunities.  Sometimes that meant picking up the phone to fight my corner.  Sometimes it meant them having to know to whom they should speak if they were concerned that I might miss out on something in some way.  I was lucky because many of the parents of other kids living on our estate didn’t bother.  They just wanted to lounge around, drink and smoke their income and chuck the kids into the street until it was time for bed.

My parents are the kind of parents that Trevor Phillips is trying to undermine.  Phillips thinks he’s fighting a class war for equality by singling out ‘middle class’ parents and suggesting they undermine families lower down the scale.  He’s an idiot.  He’s attacking parents who care about their children and do all they can to give them the best start in life.  He’s attacking them because they are motivated to do the right thing by their offspring.

If there is any advantage it is often one that has been hard earned by many parents, like mine, who went the extra mile to look out for the interests of their children.  To try and undermine this is insanity.  How completely and utterly idiotic is it to call for a levelling downwards in this way, instead of encouraging other parents to up their game?

Instead of attacking caring parents who do their best and set a good example, Phillips should be going after the feckless morons who don’t give a toss about their kids.  He should reserve is large reservoir of venom for those who are frankly uncaring and disinterested in their kids.  You know, those parents who can’t be bothered what becomes of their kids, who don’t care what they do or where they go, and don’t take time to develop the ‘knowledge’ Phillips would rather parents did not have?

But as that would not result in additional responsibility for the state and increased control over the lives of private individuals there is probably no interest from this bunch of intrusive control freaks in such a course of action.  The Nanny State is trying to become the Parent State too, taking control from mothers and fathers and handing it to apparatchiks.  That must sound like utopia to Phillips.

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3 Responses to “A response to Trevor Phillips’ attack on caring parents”

  1. 1 Julie Ann 01/03/2010 at 4:13 pm

    I think you touch on something here in your take on Trevor Phillips.

    The type of class one is brought up in is influential to a point, however, its the love and the respect given to the children as well as demonstrated between parents that sets the bar for how children learn what is right and what is good.

    Your parents loved you enough to care and to provide, they should not be attacked or undermined in any way because they are what we need more of in society today.

    Good parents can come in any level of social classing, consequently so can bad parents. He needs to address the people that placate their children with tangible gifts and use video games, television and other ‘toys’ to try and take the place of their time spent with the child(children) trying to pass that off as “love”. Or the people that walk away from their children and have no clue what is going on with their lives because they are too busy selfishly living their own.

  2. 2 Sinjun 01/03/2010 at 6:59 pm

    Yes, he’s everybody’s least favourite person. Like Nick Hardwicke, who he just fails to pip as Britain’s most pointless quangocrat, he lives in a different world.

  3. 3 tc72 15/05/2012 at 3:04 pm

    Trevor Phillips is a born liar who speaks on behalf of Islam.

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