Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling – journalism gold

Pretty much off topic for this blog, but this made me laugh so much I had to share it.

The Press Assocation is among media outlets reporting on the cancellation of the Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling event this year due to health and safety concerns.  Setting aside the rights and wrongs of the decision, this paragraph had me laughing out loud:

While there has not been a recorded fatality, bruises, dislocations and admissions to hospital on spinal boards are common. Last year saw 58 casualties – 19 of whom were spectators. Six people fainted just watching the event and one man fell out of a tree.

The journo who penned that is wasted at PA.  He or she needs to be on the writing team of a sit com.  It was journalism gold and the perfect end to a hard day at work.

As far as the cancellation itself goes, is it really beyond the wit of man to make the event ticket only to keep spectator numbers at a managable level?

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2 Responses to “Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling – journalism gold”

  1. 1 witteringsfromwitney 12/03/2010 at 7:57 pm

    Brilliant, AM – have linked

  2. 2 jameshigham 12/03/2010 at 10:09 pm

    Six people fainted just watching the event and one man fell out of a tree.

    How does one write about the head shaking sadly form side to side?

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