David Cameron our own French poodle

All credit to you, David Cameron.  You are really coming of age as just another machine politician.  You’ve got this European lark down to a fine art now.  It’s not that hard really, as you demonstrated when you met with President Nicolas Sarkozy today.

All you need to do is talk tough about the EU to your domestic audience, but fall over yourself to promise one of your senior partners in the bloc that you will be an “active and energetic” participant in the European Union if you win the general election.

Having pledged to the French that you will be a good, energetic little boy, you then go back to fight your election campaign telling voters that you ‘would never allow Britain to slide into a federal Europe’ of the type the French are working tirelessly to complete and you are pledged to be active in.

And on the subject of the Lisbon Treaty, having promised voters that if ratification was achieved before you came to power you would ‘not let matters rest there’, you quietly publish on that same party web page that you:

[…]would change the law so that never again would a government be able to agree to a Treaty that hands over areas of power from Britain to the EU without a referendum

even though the Lisbon Treaty negates the need for any future treaties.  It speaks volumes of your priorities, Dave, that you put more effort into seeking to reassure France over Britain’s EU ties than you do seeking to reassure the British people that you will repatriate political power from Brussels.  It’s just empty rhetoric, isn’t it Dave.  Ted Heath would be so proud.

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2 Responses to “David Cameron our own French poodle”

  1. 1 JohnRS 13/03/2010 at 9:47 am

    CallMeDave maybe a Conservative, but he’s not conservative.

    He’s yet another soft Left, statist, anti-democratic, eco-entranced, spineless Europhile who will (like all those in power before him) continue to betray this country’s best interests. When he appeared on the scene I had hoped we might see a real change at the top of British politics….I’ve been sadly let down by this vapid fop of a Conservative leader.

    I’ve always voted for the Conservatives – not this time.

  2. 2 Kenomeat 13/03/2010 at 9:39 pm

    Might you be voting UKIP perhaps? If every discontented Conservative voted for a real conservative pary, as they did in the Euro parliamentary elections, then maybe we really would be able to leave the new Soviet Union. Oh the glory of regaining our independence. It won’t happen with the spineless Cameron.

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