Disgraceful Vatican sermon cheapens persecution of Jews

The reported comments of the Pope’s personal preacher, Rev Raniero Cantalamessa, likening criticism of the Roman Catholic Church about sex abuse scandals involving clergy and allegations that Pope Benedict XVI failed to act when told of an abusive priest in his charge, to the ‘more shameful aspects of anti-Semitism’, are nothing more than a sick and unjustified attempt at assuming victim status.

Father Cantalamessa, during the Good Friday mass in St Peter’s, read out part of a letter from a Jewish friend who said he was ‘following with disgust the violent and concentric attacks against the Church, [and] the Pope’. The author of the letter, quoted by Fr Cantalamessa went on to say that:

‘The use of stereotypes, the shifting of personal responsibility and guilt to a collective guilt remind me of the most shameful aspects of anti-Semitism’.

This is the most warped and fallacious interpretation of what is happening today.  The Catholic clergy is not being criticised for being Catholic, but for the failure to stop the sexual abuse of children by clergy when it was reported. An allegation has been made against the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and it should be investigated.  There is absolutely no comparison between the persecution of Jews and the entirely appropriate condemnation of the covering up of physical and sexual abuse by a relatively small number of clergy, and failure to prevent sexual predators being moved on and placed in positions of trust where they could continue to assault children. These carefully calculated comments cheapen the vicious persecution of Jews.

How can the man responsible for supporting the Pope in his faith possibly be allowed to remain in his position, after attempting to have the Church assume victim status and criticise the very people who were subjected to sickening attacks?  There can be no clearer example of self serving moral relativism than this.  It is disgraceful.

What makes this episode all the more outrageous is that it comes at the most holy time in the Catholic calendar, Easter.  This is supposed to be a time of renewal, where the Church teaches that Jesus Christ died to bring salvation to mankind from its sins. But far from an apology, a display of humility or attempt to atone for the wrongs committed by a number of Catholic priests, Fr Cantalamessa has displayed appalling self indulgence. For a man of God, Fr Cantalamessa has a questionable sense of morality and more than a sense of hypocrisy about him.

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2 Responses to “Disgraceful Vatican sermon cheapens persecution of Jews”

  1. 1 Senior 02/04/2010 at 10:20 pm

    The Roman Catholic Church seems to see itself as the victim, but the victims are the children who were abused by Roman Catholic priests. While the Roman Catholic Church sees itself as the victim, child abuse by Roman Catholic priests in the future seems more probable.

  1. 1 » The Pope’s Holocaust Trackback on 16/04/2010 at 11:43 am
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