Lib Dem cult of personality increasing

You can learn a lot about a political party from the kind of advertisements it runs.  The Liberal Democrats are no exception.  Their online campaign using Google Ads speaks volumes about the perception of their leader Nick Clegg…

As you can see from the ad above, the Lib Dems are increasingly relying on Vince Cable to be the face of their party.  As the party’s Treasury Spokesman it is amusing to see Cable connected with the briefs of transport, energy and housing.  If you asked people to name the three Lib Dem spokesmen for those departmental briefs, the chances of them being named correctly would be remote.

The Lib Dems are clearly hoping Cable continues to be given an easy ride by the media, allowing him to continue making contradictory and confused statements on the economy in general, banking, taxation and public spending, without being challenged by fawning journalists.  Vince Cable is one of the few things I agree with David Cameron about, when he said:

“The great thing about being Vince Cable is that no one asks you tough questions.”

All the while his errors and u-turns are ignored by the media, voters will continue to draw the conclusion Cable is some kind of financial genius, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary – and the Lib Dems will continue to dip into their shallow pool of ‘talent’ and use him to be the face of the party instead of Nick Clegg.  It defies belief and is frankly disturbing that this lot could hold the balance of power in a hung parliament.

By the way, just in case you were wondering who the Lib Dem spokesmen are for those briefs and if I knew, they are:

Transport – Norman Baker
Energy – Simon Hughes
Housing – Sarah Teather

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