Cameron is allied with Obama’s marxists

Saul AlinskyWhile the evidence had been all around me for a while, suddenly it is all becoming much more clear what is going on.  Hardly news, is it?  Others have surely already made the point some time ago, making this post well behind the curve.  But it’s a point still worth repeating.  If only I had spotted this piece in The Times from last week I would have arrived here sooner.  Where exactly?  Let me explain.

The Jonathan Oliver piece tells us probably little more than people had worked out for themselves, but it would have helped me join some important dots that go to the heart of the origin for David Cameron’s increasingly and distinctly unconservative political outlook.  Less than a fortnight ago there was quite a spat as David Cameron launched his vision of a Big Society, with the Conservative party saying:

‘This plan is directly based on the successful community organising movement established by Saul Alinsky in the United States and has successfully trained generations of community organisers, including President Obama.’

A number of conservatives reacted with horror.  After all, Saul Alinsky (above) is known as a Marxist, a lifelong cultural revolutionary and political subversive, a point well made by Gerald Warner.  Not the sort of bedfellow any true conservative would want.  If I had read the comments to Warner’s piece, again I would have got here sooner as other people had already made the link.

The point is, I had been both concerned and puzzled about how Cameron arrived at Alinsky’s knee.  But now I know whom the puppetmaster is, it all makes perfect sense.  For helping to pull Cameron’s strings is none other than the Obama lizard woman, Anita Dunn.

Who she?  The former White House Director of Communications and leading light in the Obama campaign – and a veteran of Jimmy Carter’s shambolic administration.  She became an internet celebrity when Fox News’ Glenn Beck played footage of her, licking her lips repeatedly while speaking, declaring that Chinese communist despot, Mao Zedong was one of her favourite political philosophers.

Only today have I learned what others discovered in February – that Anita Dunn is now on the Conservative party payroll.  Her company, Squier, Knapp, Dunn Communications — a Washington-based Democrat-leaning political consultancy — is helping Cameron to prepare for the television debates between the party leaders.  A search on ConservativeHome for more information about the Tory tie up with ‘Squier, Knapp, Dunn’ and ‘Anita Dunn’ returns no results.  But the Mail on Sunday has it today.  Below you can see the footage of Dunn talking (without irony) about her fascination with Chairman Mao:

Can the British Conservative Party really be considered conservative when its leader cites the ideas and strategem of Saul Alinsky – a disciple of Marx – and hires as his political consultants a firm run by Anita Dunn – a woman who looks (despite her later weak denial) to a mass murdering Chinese communist Chairman Mao for inspiration in political philosophy?  In years gone by, if the Labour party had done this, the Conservatives would be tearing them apart for lurching to the left and channelling old style socialism and communitarianism.  Michael Heseltine’s ‘left… left… left left left’ line at conference, anyone?

So what are conservatives supposed to think when the Conservative Party does exactly the same thing?  Somehow I doubt this was the change people thought they were being asked to sign up for by Team Karl Cameron.

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10 Responses to “Cameron is allied with Obama’s marxists”

  1. 1 Ian E 29/04/2010 at 11:40 pm

    Well written, sir!

    What I fail to understand is how the power-crazy sycophants on ConHome (and elsewhere of course) can think that they will get anything other than The New Red-Tory Party. Desperation for power subverted and virtually destroyed the Labour Party (at least as a recognisable entity). Now Cameron has done the same to the ‘tories’.

    I utterly, utterly despair – unless Cameron is destroyed pronto (hung parliament anyone?), the UK will itself be destroyed as a significant entity: we will just be the 12th(?) state in the EUrinal.

  2. 2 xyzlatin 30/04/2010 at 12:51 am

    The big picture is that marxism has discovered if it clothes itself as socialism or labor, and is able to increase the number of public servants, and thus people who will always vote for it to keep their jobs, then it can have control by stealth.
    Public servant voters are the new margins in all seats, and have taken over from the religious margins all politicians used to take notice of.

  3. 3 Tapestry 30/04/2010 at 6:58 am

    Steal your enemies’best tricks. Assure them that you are secretly on their side. Only once Cameron’s elected will we really know where he resides. Macchiavelli would have understood.

  4. 4 Louis Hissink 01/05/2010 at 12:47 am

    This is not surprising at all – last century the Fabians, (now better recognised as the Keynesians and their fellow travellers)infiltrated the UK Liberal Party and turned it into the present Labour Party.

    Now they have infiltrated the Tories and hence why there is so little difference between them.

    Australia is in much the same predicament – there is, really, little to distinguish the ALP from the Liberal Party, apart from the blindingly obvious trade union connection.

  5. 5 John W P Lloyd 01/05/2010 at 6:02 pm

    This information is not new , but the message may explain , why , no longer do we fully understand our politicians,and no longer trust them . The message is profound and perhaps timely . We should not be alarmed by this particular message , as we have been warned , for example , in the the Bible,we have been instructed “Beware of those in Sheeps Clothing”

    We have been warned to be diligent and to consider hard , when we elect any of our leaders .

    There are many non religous books which also warn us in much the same way .

    We are respocible for the political leaders who reach high office ,in that it us who vote for them . It is us who have to ensure that only those of high integrity get through . Thank You .

  6. 6 Jonathan Stuart-Brown 04/02/2011 at 3:47 pm

    It really is time for Cameron and Obama to consider their own advice to Mubarak. They called for him to go, threw him under a bus, yet they themselves are doing no better and could make way in an orderly transition for new political leaders to save the economies.

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