French bureaucrats scupper ‘rescue’ from Calais

This story says it all about officialdom and petty bureaucracy.  Britons are struggling to get home thanks to the shutdown of airspace over the UK and parts of Europe.  So a few people use their initiative to use small boats to collect citizens wishing to return home.  A website had even been set up to register people’s details in advance to meet the requirements of border controls in France and the UK.

Over the years we have had thousands of illegal migrants from all over Africa and Asia successfully making the journey across the English Channel in the absence of effective French efforts to prevent them smuggling themselves into Britain.  But suddenly a number of French border guards are on hand to prevent a handful of British citizens from leaving France, deeming their actions ‘unauthorised’.

To add insult to the absence of common sense, an immigration ministry source in Paris is reported to have said:

‘There is no possibility of boats simply arriving in Calais and inviting strangers to return to Britain on them.  ‘Everything coming in and out of this border is strictly monitored at all times.’

Despite the self evident bullshit in that comment no doubt they kept a straight face as they said it.  Some of the stranded Britons were allowed to leave Calais, but only after stricter checks than they would have faced on a ferry journey or a flight – and only then on condition the boats did not return. No doubt when there is a need to stop illegal migrants crossing these uniformed goons will be nowhere to be seen, they will probably be out on strike complaining against some perceived injustice.

Thanks to these French idiots, instead of being helped to get home to resume their lives, many of those the boat crews had intended to bring home have been forced to stay in France against their will at personal cost and a cost to insurers.

Why is it the EU’s vaunted freedom of movement only seems to apply to criminals and illegal migrants?  It seems that bureaucrats and big state officialdom is only there confound common sense and to cause law abiding people as much inconvenience and discomfort as possible.  When it comes to the French, this manages to plumb previously unimagined depths of idiocy.  And this is a country our politicians propose we forge a closer military alliance with? Do me a favour.

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2 Responses to “French bureaucrats scupper ‘rescue’ from Calais”

  1. 1 AJC 19/04/2010 at 11:53 am

    What were our bureaucrats (Health and Safety Executive) doing? Don’t they operate over weekends?

  1. 1 Aren't those bleeding Frogs ever satisfied?! Trackback on 26/05/2010 at 9:34 pm
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