A thought for St George’s Day

A very Happy St George’s Day to all English folk!  Today is a good day to spare a thought for England.

England suffers from the worst democratic deficit in Europe because it is the only country without its own legislative body.  England is a country many of whose laws are enacted in part by people from other countries, to whom those laws will not apply.  England is a country whose identity is being eroded, as bureaucrats attempt to turn it into a collection of regions.  Even the identity of the English Channel stands to be changed in an effort to suit the interests of the EU.

But a poll released today shows that English people are becoming increasingly conscious of these inequalities.  As devolution has handed a degree of autonomy to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the people of their larger poor relation are starting to call for equal treatment within the United Kingdom.

The only fair outcome is the creation of an English Parliament and proper democratic accountability on matters that apply solely to England.  If you believe in democracy and equality please support the Campaign for an English Parliament this St George’s Day.  And if you have your own blog, why not show your support for England by joining the English Free Press too?

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