Gillian Duffy’s ‘offence’ was not being bigoted

No, the problem in Rochdale earlier today was Mrs Gillian Duffy not knowing her place.

The offence was daring to penetrate the carefully controlled blanket wrapped around Gordon Brown, to ask him questions for which he had not been pre-prepared to deliver a bland, partisan, carefully phrased and repeatedly rehearsed response.

Her offence was not being arranged by ‘Sue’,  not being a patsy arranged by Labour aides to pose scripted questions that would ensure Brown could dodge the real issues that matter to people, the issues that have been buried in a deep hole on ground marked ‘off limits to voters’.

In dismissing the valid concerns of an ordinary voter with such blatant contempt, Gordon Brown has demonstrated today how empty and bogus his pledge to listen to people really is.  Brown thinks he knows best what is good for us.  He believes we need to know our place and leave everything to him.  What this incident does is expose and reinforce, for all to see, the veil of ignorance that shrouds the political class from ordinary people.  Unless the scene has been sanitised and is carefully stage managed, the mask will slip and the cat will be let out of the bag.  Feel free to add any other appropriate cliches.

People listening to Gordon Brown’s comments about Gillian Duffy will understand now why Peter Mandelson has gone to such extraordinary lengths to keep Brown away from ordinary people.  He is a liability, a nasty inidivudal who is completely unsuitable to be Prime Minister.  He is not just a hypocritical machine politician, he is, as Mandelson once famously spun to the media, psychologically flawed.  This son of the manse is incapable of relating to ordinary people and after leaving them with platitudes he is disparaging about them behind closed doors.

Brown’s subsequent apology was not genuine, it was an attempt at damage limitation.  The British people should take a leaf out of Brown’s book and engage in some damage limitation of their own by ensuring he is not Prime Minister come 7th May.

When it comes to Brown and his Labour stooges, any dissenter must be smeared or their views treated with contempt.  No doubt people in Labour HQ are, as I type this, trying to find whatever dirt they can on Gillian Duffy to leak to the media in the hope of undermining her and invalidating the concerns she raised that are shared by millions of British people.  Brown’s comments about Mrs Duffy do not insult just her, but all those ordinary people outside of the political bubble who suffer from Labour’s spiteful and damaging governance.

Update: If there is one thing that really sickens people about so many politicians, it is their blatant hypocrisy, spin and outright lies.  Here, Gordon Brown excels.  Directed by his public relations team and his aides, he has gone back to Rochdale to visit Gillian Duffy at her home to make a full apology – and then make the most of the opportunity, presenting himself to the media outside her home, complete with forced grin and repellant fake ‘charm’.  Then the lies just dripped from his lips as reported at 3.54pm in his typical pathetic and deceitful way…

“I’ve just been talking to Gillian. I’m mortified by what’s happened. I’ve given her my sincere apologies. I misunderstood what she said, and she has accepted there was a misunderstanding and has accepted my apology. If you like, I’m a repentant sinner. Sometimes you say things you don’t mean to say, sometimes you say things by mistake and sometimes you say things you want to correct very quickly.

“So I wanted to come here and say that I made a mistake but to also to say I understood the concerns she was bringing to me and I simply misunderstood some of the words she used. I made my apology.

“I’ve come here – it’s been a chance to talk to Gillian about her family, her relatives and her own history and what she has done, but most of all it’s been a chance to apologise and say sorry, and to say sometimes you do make mistakes and you use the wrong words and once you’ve used the wrong word and made a mistake you should withdraw it and say profound apologies and that’s what I’ve done.”

Brown understood all too well what Mrs Duffy was saying.  He didn’t make a mistake, he was being vindictive, as his recorded comments made all too clear.  He was not in control of the situation and forced to address issues in front of the media he has sought to avoid throughout the campaign.  The original spiteful comments were bad enough, but this attempt to spin his way out of trouble is even more disgraceful because of its calculated and deceitful nature.

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3 Responses to “Gillian Duffy’s ‘offence’ was not being bigoted”

  1. 1 John 28/04/2010 at 6:18 pm

    So Gordon Brown thinks that a woman who wants immigration controls is a ‘bigot’. He then apologises for his statement saying he is “mortified”. Pundits say how terrible it is that Gordon’s private thoughts are recorded.

    Step back a moment and put all of this together. What Brown is saying is that his policy of choice is to have unrestrained immigration but he does not want to make this public because his “supporters” do not agree. Brown is a slippery liar, as a marxist he has been trained to deceive and the remarkable fact is that his “supporters” have not yet worked out that his agenda is not their agenda. Labour believes in unrestrained immigration it has been their deliberate policy for thirteen years.

  2. 2 barrie singleton 01/05/2010 at 3:30 pm

    And now Brown compounds the horror, by claiming he thought Mrs Duffy wanted to deport foreign students. He is a typical product of Westminster – next!

  1. 1 Brown ‘mortified’ by bigot slur against Gillian Duffy « Autonomous Mind Trackback on 29/04/2010 at 12:07 am
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