Labour’s obsession with dumbing down and celebrity

What is it with the Labour Party?  As a party that proclaims it is the most competent to form the next administration, it seems to have a stunning lack of confidence in its leaders.  That can be the only explanation for its reliance on the perceived popularity of entertainers and actors to try to win votes for the party.

Not content with focusing media attention on the dyed in the wool, politically illiterate, socialist transvestite comedian Eddie Izzard in recent weeks, Labour is now hoping the popularity of actor, Ross Kemp, will have soap and fly on the wall TV viewers thinking ‘Oh, that nice Ross Kemp supports Labour so I should vote for them’.

It seems Labour’s leadership is so aware that they repulse voters, they are desperately trying to assume support by association. It really underlines the dumbing down of politics.  Instead of senior Labour MPs standing front and centre in support of a genuine policy agenda and arguing the merits of their case on issues that matter to voters, Labour is leaning on millionaire celebrities to repeat ‘Janet and John’ endorsements containing nothing more than polished platitudes and sweeping generalisations.

The hope must be that over the last 13 years the population has become to riveted by trivia and fiction it will respond to people whose only qualification is being able to remember lines and repeat them for a camera in return for substantial earnings.  Perhaps Labour is hoping that the viewers will forget that these people are only known for the parts they play.

Being a stage comedian or an actor does not give someone any more authoratative insight into what is best for voters than being a blogger or a greengrocer.  It’s an insult to our intelligence.  But then, so is Parliamentary party politics in this increasingly undemocratic country.

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3 Responses to “Labour’s obsession with dumbing down and celebrity”

  1. 1 gossip 07/06/2010 at 9:06 am

    “Being a stage comedian or an actor does not give someone any more authoratative insight into what is best for voters than being a blogger or a greengrocer. It’s an insult to our intelligence.”

    I agree with you there.

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