British Airways strike blocked after Unite union incompetence

Despite all those highly paid Unite union officials and their legal teams, the union is incapable of following the letter of the law when running and announcing a ballot on strike action.  Last time it was Unite balloting people they had no right to that saw the Courts rule to block the strike.  This time it appears a failure to follow the legal process correctly by not including the 11 spoiled ballot papers in the figures given for and against industrial action, sees the strike blocked by another injunction.

No doubt Unite’s brainless, militant and destructive shop stewards and officials at British Airways will try again to conduct a legal ballot.  They are determined to have their war with BA and risk inflicting losses on the airline that could see it forced to cut back even further.  This senseless union posturing will only harm the prospects of the airline and threaten the livelihoods of more BA staff than originally planned.

Every attempt by Unite to bring the airline to its knees and bow to union demands rather than commercial reality results in more passengers booking with other airlines to avoid possible disruption.  This will harm long term revenue and only an idiot would seek to undermine the longevity of their employer and improve the position of their competitors.  The pilots and engineers made agreements with British Airways in a realistic manner.  Unite is refusing to do the same because it is run by unrealistic, self interested officials who will still have a job when cabin crew numbers are cut due to reduced demand from passengers.

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1 Response to “British Airways strike blocked after Unite union incompetence”

  1. 1 JohnRS 18/05/2010 at 12:52 pm

    Day by day the greed, incompetence and arrogance of Unite astounds me a little bit more. I had thought they’d reached their lowest point however.

    Last night’s news on the spoiled papers was one of their better cock-ups though. Having got it wrong once any competent group would have gone over the rules with a fine tooth comb, several times, and made absolutely certain they had covered every detail.


    And a couple of their talking chimps were on the news saying how the case shouldn’t have gone against them, it was just a technicality, it was only 11 ballots etc etc. I’m sure if BA had made some minor error in any business process that wouldn’t have been “just a technicality”. The Unite “brothers” would have been ranting and raving and suing for all they were worth.

    How dense do you have to be to lead a union?

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