A moment of self indulgence

Hopefully you will forgive me for capturing here a thought I posted on ConservativeHome a short while ago.  It was a lengthy comment in response to one of the many arrogant, patronising fools who laud David Cameron and all he says and does, while hurling insults around at anyone who dares to exhibit independence of thought or holds on to strongly and rationally held conservative principles and beliefs.  They remind me of footballer Eric Cantona’s quote about seagulls following the trawler.

No doubt my reply will be treated with derision by some of those who like to label anyone who dares to dissent from mindless sycophancy as headbangers or loonies.  But why should I care when I am comfortable with my convictions?  I just wonder what comfort some them feel, shifting as they do from position to position in order to satisfy the tribal demand for complete loyalty from a leader who professes to be one thing yet demonstrates the character of something completely different. Even when their leader gets things badly wrong, there they are blindly fighting tooth and nail to defend him and attack his critics.  So here is that reply to the commenter who calls himself ‘George Howell’ and others like him:


It seems people like you forget the Conservative Party has a loony left element that represents no one but itself. They are not classical liberals like the ordinary conservative or the so called right-wing Tories, they call themselves ‘progressive’ or modern liberals. Read Jonah Goldberg’s ‘Liberal Fascism’ to understand where these progressives come from.

If they were true to themselves they would have joined the old Liberal Party or the Lib Dems or even Labour, but the done thing in their environ was becoming a Conservative. So they did, not out of any ideological compunction, but just to follow on the tradition. As such they are conservative in name only. Cameron and his clique are the leading lights of this CINO group and they have hoodwinked the Conservative Party and are now executing their vision for a ‘progressive’ nation. A nation tightly bound within the EU, with a ruling political class that gives the impression of small state politics while gathering ever more control to itself.

For them no supposed principle, ideal, or commitment is too precious to discard in the interests of expediency and attaining power. They have conned a party and a nation that they will work in the nation’s interest. But as they demonstrated in the election campaign, where so many people said they needed to focus on core issues, they ignore what matters to ordinary people and exclude from consideration the major issues that matter.

Anyone not in the clique is derided as a headbanger, member of the awkward squad, out of touch, stuck in the past, reactionary, right-winger, loony, etc. Despite the clique being well monied and privileged, they talk of Tufton Buftons as if to give the impression they are just ordinary chaps like you and me.

Well, call me names as much as you like. I was brought up on a council estate, worked hard at school, established a career and I see on a daily basis the side to this country and its people that isn’t visible from within the political bubble. It was Thatcher’s classical liberalism and consideration of ordinary people that enabled my family to do better and go further. I want that for more people. So at least you know my conservatism is genuine.

It’s rooted in a genuine desire to make this country a better and more democratic place for ordinary people. Unlike those for whom conservatism is just a convenient jacket to wear in order to further political ambition. So when you talk about genuine conservatives holding Cameron and his ministers hostage, and describe them as loonies, set aside your patronising arrogance and consider for a moment that they have more interest in helping ordinary people than Cameron and his ilk.

6 Responses to “A moment of self indulgence”

  1. 1 Robert 25/05/2010 at 5:06 pm

    The not-the-conservative party is now the not-the-Conservative government. This is like 1997 when the not-the-Labour party became not-the-Labour government.

    This coalition is set up to save Dave. It was not what people voted for. It is a construct between two ruthless and power hungry politicians and will last as long as their party’s put up with whole thing. At the moment they seem very comfortable with each other but then it is early days.

    You are right to comment on the lack of Conservative values within the ‘Conservative’ elite. The same could be said of the ‘Labour’ values of Blair, Mandelson and the Milibands as well as host of failed Labour ministers in the last regime. They are indistinguishable one from another. Even the Libdems come from this same privileged background. It is no wonder they all get on so well together.

  2. 2 WitteringsfromWitney 25/05/2010 at 6:12 pm

    Nicely put AM – unfortunately totally wasted on ConHome and the ‘blinkered’ who contribute the comment section!

  3. 3 jameshigham 25/05/2010 at 9:49 pm

    Hey – exactly when I needed it. I haven’t been posting today and thought I’d do one on Cameron etc. Here is you having done it.

  4. 4 john east 26/05/2010 at 7:49 am

    I feel Cameron and Clegg deserve a honeymoon up until the budget before we start attacking them. For the time being, small victories like abolishing ID cards are better than nothing, and the launch of academies offers promise, although their ability to overcome the vested interests of the educational establishment appears remote without much deeper reform.

    So I’ll give them another few more weeks and judge them by their actions. If the rumoured ruinous CGT reforms are brought in with up to a 50% rate on annual gains above £1000 then I’ll never vote Tory again, but until then I’ll wait and see how things evolve.

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