ITV1 HD go to adverts and miss England goal

The idea of someone losing their job should be a matter of the deepest regret. However, one hopes ITV Sport will identify the utter moron who flicked the switch in ITV1 HD’s production gallery to start a Hyundai advert during World Cup coverage of England v USA, ensuring viewers missed the opening goal in the fourth minute, and kick his or her arse to the kerb.

Coverage of sport on ITV has declined over the years and is now akin to an amateur station. To miss England’s first goal of the tournament because of someone’s incompetence is absolutely unforgiveable. The commentators have not even offered an apology. Presumably no one in the production team has had the guts to tell them coverage was interrupted at the vital moment.

ITV’s live online streaming of World Cup games is already drawing criticism for seizing up meaning many online viewers cannot watch the games. ITV describes the service as ‘experimental’. A bit like the team pressing the ‘go to advert’ button just three minutes into the game tonight. Useless.

Update: Adrian Chiles provides the company’s mealy mouthed apology at half time to HD viewers.  He understands there was some interruption to coverage.  Not a word about viewers missing the goal.  Pathetic.

1 Response to “ITV1 HD go to adverts and miss England goal”

  1. 1 jameshigham 13/06/2010 at 2:28 pm

    They don’t care, AM.

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