Is man made global warming belief a state of mind?

Daniel Hannan, writing on his Telegraph blog, offers us his insight into ‘Why Lefties will always assume that Eurosceptics are bigots, regardless of the evidence’.  Hannan explains that in his book, The Blank Slate, Steven Pinker quotes a number of studies that suggest that the imputation of base motives is a function of biology. Apparently our brains are designed in a way that when someone disagrees with us, we automatically assume that he isn’t being honest in his arguments. As Hannan concludes:

Exactly as Pinker would suggest, Guardian readers – or at least a great many Guardian readers – assume that my stated motives can’t be my real ones, since all Tories are known to be wicked bigots. As one Guardianista put it in reply to my last CiF piece:

“I mistrust the proposals because I don’t trust Tories. I’m looking for what they are really aiming for.”

This attitude might explain why some Euro-enthusiasts are, literally, beyond argument. However regressive the EU becomes, however undemocratic, however corrupt, they will never criticise it. Because this, for them, isn’t really about Europe. It’s about showing themselves to be better than all those small-minded Blimps with whom they have peopled their imaginations.

I think Pinker’s is a weak excuse.  When I disagree with people it’s not because I assume their arguments are dishonest.  But perhaps it is the case for lefties with their quasi-religious certainties fuelling their shrill and often ignorant rants.

Of course, there is another issue where people are similarly beyond argument, incapable of critical analysis, strive to demonstrate their virtue and show themselves as better than those they consider to be small-minded – climate change.  You know, that tissue of assertions impervious to evidence.

Small wonder then that many of the authoritarian, pro-European drones described in Hannan’s piece above are also the fiercest advocates of the hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming – and single minded in their determination to slur and misrepresent those who disagree with them.  It’s clearly a state of mind.

3 Responses to “Is man made global warming belief a state of mind?”

  1. 1 The King of Wrong 21/06/2010 at 3:46 pm

    Many soi-disant ‘Liberals’ (including, of course, virtually all Guardianistas) approach things from the point of view that they have the high moral ground: not only are they obviously correct, but anyone who disagrees must be profoundly immoral.

    This justifies intrusion into people’s lives (“for their own good”), punitive measures on things they disagree with (“for the greater good”) and harsh extra-judicial treatment of those who fight against them. Politically Correct devotees attempt to shut down dissent and debate by labeling and decrying opposition – ironically often accusing their targets of “racism” or “fascism” or “homophobia” or “sexism” despite having drawn a battleground on precisely those terms.

    Basically, it’s a secular religion, as you suggest. Anyone who questions the (rather sketchy) evidence and practices of the Climate Change fanatics is “obviously” in the pay of Big Oil or, worse, is lying because they are simply evil. No punishment is too severe for such heretics… a sentiment that I’m sure Torquemada would have wholeheartedly embraced.

  2. 2 PaulH from Scotland 21/06/2010 at 6:20 pm

    I think Michael Crichton summed it up quite nicely when he stated that ‘environmentalism is religion for urban atheists’.

  3. 3 Tufty 22/06/2010 at 2:56 pm

    Most government activity is about social control through punishments which range from legal penalties to taxation to fostering various levels of social disapproval. Religion fulfills the same punishing function. Climate change doctrine is mostly to do with punishment – the ideal punishment because all are guilty and no activity is entirely virtuous. It is an updated version of the doctrine of original sin. So it is seen as sinful to disagree with climate change doctrine – science doesn’t really come into it.

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