Budget Day propaganda from the BBC

Different day, same old nonsense from our public service broadcaster.  Watching a segment of BBC Breakfast on BBC1 during prime time this morning (7.30am-8.30am) was like listening to the Labour Party’s election campaign key messages.

The chief offender was the programme’s business reporter and Gordon Brown doppelganger, Simon Jack.  Watching him is like looking at a young Gordon Brown in the Thatcher era.  Listening to him does nothing to correct the mistaken identity.  Not once, but twice during that period of the programme, he told viewers that spending cuts and tax rises:

‘suck money out of the economy’

Those of us who hoped the end of the General Election campaign and demise of the Labour government would have signalled an end to such economic illiteracy on the airwaves are left disappointed by the propaganda effort continuing courtesy of Simon Jack and his fellow BBC activist broadcasters.

To push the BBC’s ‘big government tax and spend’ agenda along, viewers of that prime slot were then treated to a short clip of a member of the public, a Mr Wingham, expressing his hopes for a ‘wealth tax’ being created in the Budget, followed by his concerns about public service cuts.

It seems Mr Wingham shares Labour’s and the BBC’s worldview that if you have money the state is somehow entitled, nae obligated, to take it from you.  His example of unacceptable wealth was highly paid footballers.  Never mind that they pay in tax in a week more than I earn in a month, the Mr Wingham’s of this world believe they are not paying their fair share.

Perhaps there was a counterbalance to Mr Wingham in the form of a more considered and realistic member of the public recognising that the bloated state sector cannot continue being funded through borrowing, but if there was it was either much earlier in the morning or after I had left for work.  The BBC’s work was done.  In its own inimitable fashion it has educated and informed the public of what they should think.  It has drawn its line in the sand and prepared its positions for the inevitable criticism that will flood in George Osborne’s direction once the Budget has been delivered.

This BBC coverage be fine if I was not compelled, under pain of fines or imprisonment, to fund such biased and slanted output and accept it as impartial.  Over the last 13 years government has grown, infesting areas it has no business being involved in.  To achieve this it has taken more of our money and recklessly borrowed billions on top.  Instead of trimming its remit back to essential services only, it has swelled to harmful and unsustainable proportions. 

The BBC demonstrated once again this morning that it applauds such incompetence and wants it viewers and listeners to do likewise.  It’s time to get this monkey off our back and get its sticky fingers off our wallets.

3 Responses to “Budget Day propaganda from the BBC”

  1. 1 Tufty 22/06/2010 at 3:03 pm

    It’s time to sell off the BBC. Reform is impossible.

  2. 2 JohnRS 22/06/2010 at 3:22 pm

    The sooner the TV Tax is removed and the BBC disappears behind its own “paywall” the better. Then we’ll see who really wants to watch/hear what they have to offer and how much they think its worth (a lot less than £3.6 billion a year is my guess)

  3. 3 Geoffrey Yeo 22/06/2010 at 5:47 pm

    On previous occasions when Gordon Brown was Chancellor, the opposition’s reply to the budget was cut off and comments were invited from BBC selected commentators, but now Harriet Harmen was allowed to reply in full, obvious discrimination thats what I call it!

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