The corruption of science

There hardly seems any point going over the arguments surrounding Climategate.  They have been extensively thrown back and forth, challenged, disseminated, scoffed at and critiqued at length.  The issue now concerns the concerted efforts of AGW alarmists to construct a narrative they intend to become the official history of Climategate.

In newspapers, journals and on websites around the world, a dedicated band of committed warmists is playing out the long game to airbrush inconvenient facts from history and embed their beliefs as a given truth.  The latest such effort to circle the wgaons can be found in the Canadian Chronicle Herald in a piece by a professor of geography, Dr Brad Walters of Mount Allison University.  The real Climategate scandal, according to this Zoologist who turned his hand to Environmental Studies, is that controversies over the credibility of climate science have been intentionally contrived.

For him the result of the inquiry by Sir Muir Russell and his ‘on message’ committee was the unambiguous vindication of scientists at the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.  This casual misrepresentation of the report and ignorance of the limited terms of reference, by those with a vested interest in the money train that is climate science, is par for the course.  Shout loudest and keep repeating the lines to take seems to be the order of the day.  The aim is to convince people who doubt the shaky premise of AGW that everything the warmists believe and say is true.

Thus science has been corrupted to the point where it is now a vehicle for asserting ‘truths’ rather than a process to further investigation and continuous learning.

Climate science has become for many an article of faith that duplicates religion.  The supposed ‘facts’ have been committed to paper and all that is required is for the believers to learn them and repeat them without question.  The language of climate science is nothing more than a creed to be repeated by AGW adherents and accepted by all others.  Just as religion has been used as a tool to control behaviours, so climate science is being used to undermine economic approaches and achieve political ends.  It may not have been the intention, but it is now the reality.

Just as religion asks people to believe in many things that are improbable or defy logic and understanding, so climate science asks people to accept a number of beliefs and ideas as fact.  It requires people to trust in the honesty of a small clique of scientists whose methods and raw data are kept from public scrutiny, and the thousands of derivative scientific hangers on who accept all assertions and reports as beyond reproach and use the published conclusions as the baseline for further ‘research’ to reinforce the narrative.

Not for them the robust requirement of science to check, test and challenge every stage of the process.  No.  Not for them any investigation into where measurement stations are sited, how data is collected, why some samples are discarded and others are not, how ‘corrections’ are determined and applied to the data, etc.  Not for them any investigation into trivialities such as the effects of the Sun, or how other planets such as Mars have become warmer.  That would be to stray from the path.  So how can we rely on them?  And don’t even begin trying to understand how they can abide blatant manipulation of data to arrive at a pre determined conclusion.

This brings us to one supreme irony.  For many years many scientists have challenged many aspects of religions because so many of religion’s claims are based squarely on beliefs.  Now science has followed religion and seems incapable of challenging many aspects of its own, which are similarly based squarely on beliefs.  Clearly the Age of Reason is at an end.

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