BBC ignores another rocket attack on Israel

Just to reinforce the point made in the last posting here.  Another night in Ashkelon, another rocket attack launched by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza, another story of terrorist aggression against Israel that is ignored by the BBC.  The largest news gathering organisation in the world has decided this isn’t news, so we have to rely on local sources to find out what’s really going on.

Many people demand that Israel turn the other cheek.  They say that retaliating against such attacks only escalates the violence.  The problem is a failure to strike back tells the terrorists that they can act with impunity and without consequence.  Hamas will not act against those perpetrating the rocket attacks – it actually encourages them.

What of the international community?  The United Nations is utterly useless, a point rammed home by the fact Hezbollah in southern Lebanon has not only rearmed after its last conflict with Israel, under UN supervision and against UN resolutions, it now has a larger and more lethal arsenal than it had before. Predictions of an Israeli spring offensive this year, faithfully trotted out by the media as part of the Israel aggression narrative, proved to be false.  Incidentally, the piece also reminds us why Israeli troops boarded ships heading for Gaza, after previous inspections turned up weapons caches en route to the terrorists.

As a backdrop to all this, Iran continues to develop a nuclear weapons capability and issues threats that it will raze Tel Aviv to the ground if Israel acts to stop the nuclear proliferation.  The UN Security Council which said it would stop Iran developing such a weapons capability talks, talks then talks some more while the centrifuges continue to spin.

Then there is Syria, once again engaging in a customary round of sabre rattling where the talk is of war, not peace.  Its President, Bashar Assad, also tries to stop the facts about the assassination of the former Lebanese Prime Minister being revealed by threatening to side with Hezbollah if they are found to be responsible. The absence of this kind of context keeps people in ignorance about Israel’s side of the story.

We may very well ask the BBC why it makes such partial editorial decisions, but we will not be furnished with an explanation.  We will just continue to be told to fork out £142.50 per annum to be informed, educated and entertained in the manner the BBC sees fit – and take their word for it that they are impartial, even though they use our money to fight in court to suppress publication of the Balen Report we paid for, into their Middle East coverage that has been called into question for bias against Israel.  Go figure.

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