Excitement over Bjørn Lomborg’s conversion is misplaced

Yesterday several media outlets ran with a story about ‘climate sceptic’ Bjørn Lomborg apparently flipping sides in the great climate change debate. The Telegraph raced to the ether with this attention grabbing headline:

Climate ‘sceptic’ Bjørn Lomborg now believes global warming is one of world’s greatest threats

We are told that “One of the world’s most prominent climate change sceptics has called for a $100bn fund to fight the effects of global warning, after rethinking his views on the severity of the threat.” Oh please.

Since when was Bjørn Lomborg ever a sceptic?  He was only ever a sceptic in his own mind.  Whenever he has appeared on TV or radio there has always been a distinct absence of scepticism in his observations and assertions.  There was nothing sceptical about his supposed scepticism.  The fact is Lomborg has always believed in the science presented by the warmists.  His only dissent was the extent to which he agreed with the predictions of catastrophe forced down our throats by environmental lobbyists and special interest groups via the media.  But to the media he was an ideal person to portray as the face of scepticism because he agreed with so many of their articles of faith, reinforcing their underlying narrative.

There are real questions about the science of climate change (global warming to be more precise).  The infamous hockey stick has been debunked but keeps being cited as evidence of man made global warming, even though any data fed into a calculation results in a dramatic rising line.  There are serious question marks over the positioning of temperature measurement stations and the accuracy and validity of their data.  The influence of the Sun is completely dismissed in arrogant fashion.  And despite CO2 levels continuing to rise the extent of Arctic summer ice melt is reducing.  These are just a few of the question marks over the science that Lomborg has ignored.

This story is the equivalent of a misbehaving priest standing in the pulpit on a Sunday morning and proclaiming that he believes in God and that Jesus Christ was sent to be man’s salvation. Nothing has materially changed because the priest always shared the beliefs of his congregation, even though they were opposed to his behaviour. Any celebratory panty-wetting by the Guardianista will be laughably misplaced.

1 Response to “Excitement over Bjørn Lomborg’s conversion is misplaced”

  1. 1 peejos 01/09/2010 at 2:18 pm

    His degrees are in political science, whatever that is, nothing particularly demanding in normal scientific terms, certainly nothing demanding rigorous proof. Yet because he has chosen to write a book implying his own deep skepticism, the MSM have adopted him as the extreme advocate of doubt/denial.

    He has no training whatsoever in matters climate, but then only a miniscule number of the so called scientists have either. What is even more frightening in a UK context is that out of the 600 + MPs only one has a science degree, after more than a century of universal education.

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