Cameron helps with Hague’s strawman over Christopher Myers

Bravo CCHQ and the Tory’s media relations team!  They are successfully keeping our dumbed down press focused on the least relevant element of the William Hague – Christopher Myers story.

They know that if you want to get the press’ attention you just have to keep the story centred on supposed allegations of illicit sex.  Throwing in a message of unqualified support from David Cameron’s spokesman adds to the distraction effort.  The media voyeurs lap it up and it gives the hypocritical hacks a chance to portray themselves as righteous and suitably indignant about such terrible and gossip. Just see the ludicrously sanctimonious Michael White in the Guardian for a fine example of it.

In fact White actually nods to the real meat of this story, but then vacates it swiftly in order to continue his childishly self indulgent war with Guido Fawkes (Paul Staines) with plenty of innuendo of his own for good measure. Yet despite his own comments, White has the gall to talk about the shaming of Fleet Street.  You couldn’t make it up.

Meanwhile, as our fearless press corps swarms around the contrived and overblown emphasis put on the nature of the relationship between Hague and Myers, and Hague’s indulgent tearjerker about heartstring-tugging events in his marriage, the real issue is completely ignored and questions that must be answered are left unasked…

  • Why was Christopher Myers appointed to the position of Hague’s special adviser at the FCO?
  • What specialist knowledge or in depth expertise of foreign affairs does he have?
  • What was the job description and requirements for the successful candidate?
  • Was he better qualified than anyone else for the role?
  • Was the role advertised to give suitably qualified and experienced people a chance to apply for it?

And those are just for starters.  For an open and above board appointment these questions should be easily answered.  But the dogged determination to divert attention away from these questions and keep attention fixed firmly on innuendo about extramarital sexual relations can only mean there was something inappropriate about Myers’ appointment Hague and his CCHQ friends are trying to keep hidden.  There is a rotten smell around this story.

Given the personal friendship between Hague and Myers a reasonable person would be within their rights to deduce that Myers’ appointment was an example of nepotism, of naked political patronage, where the taxpayers were left to pick up the tab for a favour done by Hague for his friend.

This has nothing to do with sexual conduct, orientation, miscarriages or personal tragedy. That is all a smokescreen.  But it does have everything to do with potential unacceptable behaviour in treating the taxpayer as a cash cow so employment can be provided for someone demonstrably lacking in knowledge and experience for the role, for no other reason than they are a mate.  The media is failing us yet again and the political class is laughing at us for being able to abuse the system for its own ends.

4 Responses to “Cameron helps with Hague’s strawman over Christopher Myers”

  1. 1 Robert 02/09/2010 at 4:03 pm

    You ask all the right questions about the appointment of Myers but surely, if Hague has been dogged for years about his private life (as reported by Michael White) then it shows an uncommon lack of judgement to share a room with this man.

    If it turns out that Myers has history, and the tabloids will be digging, then Hague has a lot of questions to answer. This puts the whole episode into the same category as Laws. Would it have been any better if Hague had shared a room with one of his female spads?

    Of course Cameron has come out to support Hague. He knows now that Hague as a rival for leadership of the Conservative Party is finished whatever the outcome of this episode.

  2. 2 Barry 02/09/2010 at 4:13 pm

    In light of the image illustrating this Guardian article can I suggest any dramatisation of the farrago have Orlando Blooom as Myers and er… Vin Diesel (?) as William Hague.

  3. 3 Barry 03/09/2010 at 2:21 am

    Robert said: “if Hague has been dogged for years about his private life (as reported by Michael White) then it shows an uncommon lack of judgement to share a room with this man.”

    I disagree almost entirely.

    If we want grown up politicians we need to encourage them to behave like grown ups and not hound them over things that in any other walk of life would pass without the batting of an eyelid. The stories about Hague are long in the tooth but largely immaterial. The Mekon has always been an easy figure of fun. I expect loads of other MPs have done the same as Hague did yet only he has been singled out over it.

    The same sort of tales are said about Vladimir Putin – the fondness for grappling with other men, the try-hard macho persona (eg Hague’s 14 pints and Putin’s shirtless fishing, hunting and holding his stomach in) and lately Putin’s attempts to play at being each one of the Village People. He’s been a cowboy, a soldier, played about in boats and been to a biker rally. Just got the Construction Worker, Policeman and Indian to ape and he’s been the entire set.

    The public seem to have a bit of a sixth sense about these things. Nothing terribly specific beyond a notion that someone is not being themselves. That makes them ripe victims for all kinds of stories to be spread. We have seen the same treatment of Blair and Brown and they too were shamelessly performing for the public. We never see the real ‘them’ and we readily assume they do it because they think we wouldn’t like them, and they are probably right.*

    Hague sharing a twin room with *anyone* is neither here nor there. Or at least it should be. Hague’s line of attack is very ill-advised on many fronts but mostly because he was unwilling to simply point out two people sharing a hotel room happens all the time without such a fuss being made and left it at that.

    The lack of judgment Hague has displayed is the stench of nepotism around appointing Myers as a SpAd and then Hague hiding behind his wife.

    * This is most evident with Blair. He views voters as a means to an end and nothing more.

  4. 4 C Lane 05/09/2010 at 10:45 am

    A 25 year old driver/quantity surveyor with a second class degree from a second rate university being hired to advise the FCO. Brilliant
    It does not matter that Hague did not tell his wife who is was with, with whom he was sleeping.

    It does not matter that Hague voted for Clause 28, voted against civil partnerships, had a go at Peter Mandelson for his gay connections in Rio, that he attacked Cherie Booth/Blair for her personal choice of schools for her children, that he had questions in 1995 for a similar story in the welsh office,
    that he attacked Labour in his foreign land speech,.

    The CONDEMS are cleaning up politics. Cable must be proud

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