Gamu Nhengu’s family has no right to remain in Britain

It is no suprise to see the ‘great unthinking’ and the terminally ignorant serial campaigners who join every passing bandwagon, jumping up and down demanding that Nokuthula Ngazana and her family – including X Factor contestant Gamu Nhengu – be allowed to remain in Britain.

It took nanoseconds for some of these people to start screaming allegations of racism in the treatment of Mrs Ngazana.  It only took a few moments more for the misplaced emotional blackmail attempts to begin, decrying what an injustice it would be to send poor Gamu and her family back to Zimbabwe.  They argue that compassion demands the family be allowed to stay in Britain because of the conditions in Zimbabwe and the fact it has a vile dictator as its head of state.

What is clear is that to these people the facts do not matter.  The fact is Gamu Nhengu’s mother chose to come to Britain to study for a nursing degree and post degree experience in that field. She didn’t come here as a desperate refugee seeking asylum from Mugabe’s despotic rule in a failing country, but on a student visa to undertake an educational course. The terms of the visa were clear, at the end of the alloted time, she would have to return to her home country with her family.

Mrs Ngazana made a conscious decision to study here and by securing the visa knew, understood and agreed that when it expired she would return to Zimbabwe. She knew her family would have to be uprooted and leave behind what they had come to know in their young lives. She had already uprooted them once to bring them to Britain to further her education.

I have no idea who funded the costs of Mrs Ngazana’s study, her living expenses, cost of accomodation and the cost of bringing up her children. What does seem clear from her representatives is that she was advised by the Inland Revenue that she was entitled to claim Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit and that it was aware of her immigration status. This despite the British public repeatedly being told by government ministers that immigrants and those coming here as students are not entitled to benefits funded by the taxpayer. But that is a matter for another time. The issue here is whether a student should be allowed to change their status with no good reason to remain in this country – breaking the terms of the visa that was issued to them.

The matter is clear cut. So it is with simmering anger I learn this morning that solicitors representing Mrs Ngazana (costs being picked up by whom?) are seeking a judicial review (taxpayers funding the cost of defending the case and the court costs) in an attempt to allow the family to remain here, thus undermining the concept of visa terms and bypassing correct immigration processes. The only reason this is happening is that Gamu has a pretty voice and was a popular contestant on a television show created to make its star – Simon Cowell – richer still.

This case sums up the decay in this country of ours. Abandoned values, the blurring of right and wrong, falling respect for the law, failure to follow the rules and the moronic cult of celebrity are combined here to present us with a story for the dumbed down media to milk for all it’s worth.

Had Mrs Ngazana come here seeking protection from persecution – real not imagined – I would have no qualms about allowing her to remain. If she had come here because of the fear of revenge for opposing the Mugabe regime, no problem. But she didn’t. She came here in the knowledge is was on a temporary basis to gain a qualification. That has been achieved and it is time for her to go home. It is time Mrs Ngazana and her new found representatives and bandwagon of hangers on who are already looking for the next bandwagon to hitch themselves to, understood and accepted that and stopped wasting taxpayers’ money in an effort to circumvent the rules she signed up to.

5 Responses to “Gamu Nhengu’s family has no right to remain in Britain”

  1. 1 sandy 07/10/2010 at 10:20 am

    I totally agree. How can we be expected to support every person who wants to live in the uk. She is in the country illegally and should be deported. Why then, should the British taxpayer now have to pay for an appeal. The do-gooders would be the first to complain if, as a supporter of an illegal immigrant, they had to pay for her appeal themselves.

  2. 2 Hilton 07/10/2010 at 11:27 pm

    Autonomous I have to agree with you. I am an immigrant from South Africa, it took me 12 years of study and work in South Africa before I could get a visa to come to the UK, and another 5 years to gain citizenship. And this is how it should be, it is not something that should be handed out like candy at a kids party! There are too many people here who do not value the UK or the rules!

  3. 3 The Apiarist 08/10/2010 at 11:47 am

    It was depressing to see the crowds of people gathering outside the family’s home; it seems so easy to generate artificial anger at something so trivial. Where are the crowds marching on the Palace of Westminster, to protest against the restrictions on liberty and freedom?

  4. 4 not a member of the me me club 09/10/2010 at 10:18 pm

    surprise surprise the me me me middle/upper class thatcherite brigade are out in force again. Well a miss Budd springs to mind who suddenly became british because you lot of hipocrits saw a gold medal dangling in front of your swing low sweet chariot eyes. What a bunch of spineless pillocks.

  5. 5 Autonomous Mind 09/10/2010 at 10:56 pm

    There is no comparison between the two cases. I’m not sure I understand your point.

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