Charles Moore’s adoration of Cameron continues

It is hard to know whether one should feel compassion or contempt for the Telegraph’s Charles Moore. Moore used his column in yesterday’s paper to pose the following rhetorical question: ‘Heir to Blair and Thatcher – can David Cameron really be both?’

What follows is the kind of lightweight puff piece one would only expect to see drafted in the corridors of CCHQ. The kind of pseudo-intellectual babble that meanders across the newsprint like a slow running river winding through empty countryside. As you can see, for a moment there I engaged in the kind of tosh Moore revels in. Did you enjoy the irony? No matter, near the end of his filler piece he presents us with this:

Today, Mr Cameron finds himself the heir both to Blair and to Thatcher. To Blair, because he has had to take his party away from its preferred territory and pay attention instead to what actual voters worry about. To Thatcher, because he confronts a crisis of the public finances even more severe than the one she faced. He also leads a coalition. So, unlike Mrs Thatcher, he wants to woo and to warn, please and prophesy at the same time.

What a load of utter bollocks.

Moore is clearly living in a parallel universe characterised by an alternative reality. Moore seems to be kidding himself that a genuinely conservative Conservative Party is in power and is diligently representing the wishes of the electorate. If only that was the case. David Cameron has most certainly moved his Cameron Conservatives away from centre-right. Cameron has morphed it into a centre-left reincarnation of the Social Democrat Party. But only a fool could think the Cameroon project goes anywhere near to paying attention to what the voters worry about.

Just two examples off the bat. When the voters are worrying about winter fuel bills in the coming weeks, Cameron will be dreaming of expensive wind turbines pitted across our countryside that sit idle on the coldest days when the wind does not blow. When voters are worrying about their disposable income in the New Year with VAT at 20%, income tax thresholds falling for those with big outgoing but only median salaries and food prices rising, Cameron will be dreaming of another Mediterranean holiday with his young, financially secure family.

The only thing that makes Cameron the self professed heir to Blair is that he believes in nothing but power for its own sake and will say and do anything to attain it for his own ends. Like Blair, Cameron is all spin and no substance. He could read from a Janet and John book with his faux sincerity and make it sound like a work of detailed gravitas. But it is only when you remove the presentation and read the actual content that you see how empty Cameron’s speeches are. Classic Blair.

As for describing Cameron as an heir to Thatcher, that must rank as one of the biggest of political insults. Whether you agreed or disagreed with Margaret Thatcher, she had vision for the country and an ideological backbone. Cameron has neither. Look through Thatcher’s eyes and you would see a nation where people worked for their rewards and kept more of them. Look through Cameron’s and all you see is a number 10 on a shiny black door of a house located in central London.

But what can we expect from journalists like Charles Moore? After all the view of the world for those cocooned inside the Westminster bubble is very different from those of us who actually live in that world.

3 Responses to “Charles Moore’s adoration of Cameron continues”

  1. 1 Sue 09/10/2010 at 1:22 pm

    Unfortunately, many “conservatives” are just as deluded. Those of us who want real freedom have a long struggle ahead.

  2. 2 WitteringsfromWitney 09/10/2010 at 2:18 pm

    Journalist & Charles Moore: Oxymoron surely?

    Also further comment on the problem of when seeing Cameron – as I did at one of his surgeries yesterday – is one seeing a constituency MP or the Prime Minister?

  1. 1 An Interesting Question | The Albion Alliance presents Trackback on 09/10/2010 at 9:47 pm
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