The media’s casual deceptions and lack of impartiality

Casting an eye over the English edition of the German organ Spiegel Online, we find an article by Cordula Meyer titled ‘The Traveling Salesmen of Climate Skepticism’ going under the heading ‘Science as the Enemy’. The message is from Ms Meyer is clear. Global warming (interchanged with climate change whenever convenient) is real, it is man made and those people who question it need to be undermined.

In many ways it is like the 10:10 video showing anyone who questions the hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming (AGW – man made global warming in other words) being blown to pieces. Only instead of exploding human life to eradicate dissent from the quasi-religious AGW doctrine, the attack is in the form of a character assassination that makes no effort to examine the scientific argument of those who form the counter consensus in the AGW debate. The target of the attack is Prof. Fred Singer.

[…] Singer is a traveling salesman of sorts for those who question climate change.

[…] Singer is one of the most influential deniers of climate change worldwide.

[…] At conferences, Singer likes to introduce himself as a representative of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC). As impressive as this title sounds, the NIPCC is nothing but a collection of like-minded scientists Singer has gathered around himself. A German meteorologist in the group, Gerd Weber, has worked for the German Coal Association on and off for the last 25 years.

This isn’t journalism. It is a hatchet job to raise doubt not about what Fred Singer says and his scientific method, but to raise doubt about Singer himself. The article is nothing more than a piece of advocacy written by someone who wants people to accept the IPCC worldview on man made global warming.

If Fred Singer is a travelling salesman of sorts, what does that make the jetsetting head of the IPCC, Rajendra Pachauri? Accusing Singer of denying climate change is a disgraceful distortion written in the full knowledge that Singer argues it is nature driving changes in our climate, not mankind. And if the NIPCC is nothing but a collection of like-minded scientists to be ignored, what of the IPCC which contains many people who are not scientists at all? Even more fatuous is the implication that groups such as the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) are of no account because:

The impressive-sounding name, however, is little more than a P.O. box address in the eastern German city of Jena.

Perhaps if it attracted hundreds of millions of pounds each year from governments and transnational organisations such as the UN and EU, it could have a large head office, regional presence, a huge staff and develop a significant media presence to ensure the public hears the counter argument. But of course, such largesse is only available to the man made global warming industry.

This is the way of things when arguments, previously accepted as a given truth, start to unravel under scrutiny and greater awareness. In panic and desperation those followers of the Church of Man Made Global Warming who adhere to the Gospel of the IPCC, lash out at those who highlight flaws in their belief system and question the very basis of their faith. This is what happens when the warmists are unable to defeat the arguments presented. And let’s face it, there is too much money at stake to let the questioning of dubious ‘facts’ get in the way of these travellers on their journey to reverse mankind’s industrial progress of the last 100 years.

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