Britain’s slow self destruction – Binyam Mohamed allowed to live in UK

Former Guantanamo Bay detainee Binyam Mohamed, a cause célèbre of the BBC because of his story of torture under interrogation, has been granted permanent residency in Britain.

Despite possessing a story about his movements so full of holes a colander is watertight in comparison, and despite trying to return to Britain (where he was already seeking asylum) from an extended trip to the heroin and jihadist training capital of the world (Afghanistan and Pakistan) supposedly in order to get off drugs (stop laughing a the back) he attempted to use a forged passport (although allowed into Britain with his own). Now despite this questionable activity this Ethiopian Islamist has been granted permission to remain permanently in the UK.

But for a tiny molecule of common sense from a judge, we would not even know about this decision as Binyam Mohamed’s legally aided team of lawyers sought an injunction to keep the decision secret from the British public.

What kind of insane desire to self destruct leads a country to give people, who offer nothing but a threat to its citizens, the right to live among them?

Committing a criminal act as serious as using a false passport to enter Britain should have instantly excluded Binyam Mohamed’s existing asylum claim. It raises serious questions about what his intentions were, something that has never been explained. With Afghanistan already being in a state of sustained conflict in 2o02, Mohamed’s reasoning for going there in the first place doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. The media focus on his claims of UK complicity in his alleged torture while in US custody has ensured Mohamed’s own actions have largely been ignored.

In just about every civilised country the first responsibility and priority of a government is the protection of its citizens. In Britain the protection of the citizenry comes some way down the priority list. Instead in Britain the slavish adherence to nonsensical human rights laws and the pervasive influence of the sopping wet liberal bleeding heart guilt mongers, who feel they must atone daily for our history of colonialism and further their desire to sweep away national borders, sees decisions such as this handed down on a regular basis.

Make no mistake, these decisions are made by an out of touch elite that can afford to live well insulated from the effects of those decisions. An out of touch elite that views Britain as a small, insignificant country with delusions of power and influence that is crass and insulting to their supposedly enlightened and internationalist worldview.

So it is that Britain continues to self destruct. So it is that the Britain of just two generations ago, where the population was bound by common values and identity, is transformed into a haven for the world’s flotsam and jetsom – many of whom despise our values and have no interest in sharing our identity. So it is that Britain leaves itself wide open to attack from those extremists who seek to speed our destruction, while the authorities sweep away the privacy and rights of the host population.

Such insanity cannot be allowed to continue. But our political class is not interested in addressing these concerns because what matters to us does not matter to them. As such we will continue to be exposed to avoidable risks. So we can expect to see more examples of this insanity as Britain slowly unspools and loses all vestiges of what defined it as a sovereign nation.

4 Responses to “Britain’s slow self destruction – Binyam Mohamed allowed to live in UK”

  1. 1 Sue 10/10/2010 at 6:29 am

    Once we were defended against Communism, what happened to that? Our history consists of our government defending us from those who would do us harm. Why has that changed? “Political/Extreme Islam” is a threat and this man epitomises that threat. At the very least they should have deported and banned him from the UK.

    You only have to commit a mediocre crime here in Spain as a foreigner and you are jailed, deported and banned for life!

  2. 2 jameshigham 10/10/2010 at 12:08 pm

    Britain’s slow self destruction – Binyam Mohamed allowed to live in UK

    Do you mean allowed to stay alive, as in “not executed” or do you mean “allowed to reside”?

  3. 3 Autonomous Mind 10/10/2010 at 4:00 pm

    Take your pick James. Both apply.

  4. 4 Derek Reynolds 10/10/2010 at 8:11 pm

    Is it ‘self destruct’ or a deliberate action enacted by those within who hold the power to? The five part serial ‘The Last Enemy’ showed a police state, with every movement observed. There was no freedom, and no identity of the individual. The only refuge lay in total numbed compliance, or suicide.

    That the British of barely two generations back were a stalwart race is beyond question. The world we lived in was a remnant of an even greater ones that preceeded it, yet all has been destroyed by those with plans that require subservience and total control to the ‘nth degree. The allowing in of subversive individuals is but another cog in the wheel of destruction. Why should this be destroyed? Because it remains a threat to those in power, not the pathetic politicians holding office – they are but a batch of circus clowns, useful ones as they pander for votes amongst the sheeple, and by presenting themselves as ‘options’ help keep the masses arguing which might be better, or at least which to vote for to keep another out. This tactical voting is another tool of the elite to maintain a certain level of crap in which we all dwell. The real threat to those who wield ultimate power is the people. Allow them to join and rise up as a nation of common feelings is something that cannot be allowed to happen. We must be destroyed – morally, financially, and spiritually.

    Will we let them? Or have we let them? And what can/could we do/have done to stop it happening?

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