David Cameron’s EU hypocrisy underlined again

It is high time those Conservatives who cling to the delusion that David Cameron is really a closet EUsceptic who will suddenly reveal himself and leap to the defence of UK sovereignty, accepted the truth. Their great blue-yellow hope is nothing of the sort.

There has been plenty of evidence presented on numerous occasions to demonstrate this over recent months and years. But last night showed just how far from reality the delusion is. As Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, ‘Call me Dave’ had a golden opportunity to defend British interests and reject the EU’s plan to increase its spending and therefore demand more money from British taxpayers to fund it.

Cameron instead launched an aggressive whipping operation to threaten and cajole Conservative MPs not to vote for the following amendment, tabled by Douglas Carswell, to the Draft EU Budget Bill:

‘… is concerned at the above-inflation increase being made to Britain’s EU budget contribution; believes that, at a time when the Government is poised to make reductions in public spending elsewhere, it is wrong to increase that contribution; and calls on the Government to reduce Britain’s EU budget contribution’.

The fervour with which the supposedly EUsceptic Cameron moved to smash dissent to forking over more of our tax pounds to the EU underlines his EU enthusiasm and contempt for the UK. While his ministers blustered about how frustrated the Government is about the EU making itself immune to budgetary constraints, they nonetheless voted through a separate and hollow amendment to:

‘… call on the Government to reject European Parliament proposals to increase the budget’

which of course ensures no reduction in the cost of the EU to British taxpayers. When it comes to UK sovereignty and protecting the interests of UK taxpayers Cameron is absolutely nowhere. Some Cameron loyalists will no doubt paint this as an opportunity missed. It was not. It was a challenge to EU authority ruthlessly put down by a man whose eyes are turned adoringly to Brussels. The question is, how many more wake up calls do the idiotarian wing of the not-Conservative party need before reality will dawn upon them?

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  1. 1 MrT 14/10/2010 at 6:11 pm

    “…In response to a written question on 11 October, the Government has admitted that Britain’s participation in the European Investigation Order (EIO), when it gets under way, is a permanent arrangement. Baroness Neville-Jones, for the Government said: ‘The European Investigation Order is not an agreement between national Governments but a draft directive of the European Union. Consequently, as and when agreed, the United Kingdom will be unable to withdraw from the directive.'”

    From the Better OFF Out blog.

    A perfect example, I would think…

  2. 2 Tufty 14/10/2010 at 7:44 pm

    It’s always been obvious of course, but this kind of thing is solid evidence that the political class conduct two narratives, one with the media and electorate and a second covert narrative where policy evolves.
    Because the covert narrative is covert, it isn’t subject to normal social controls. In other words, the covert narrative doesn’t reflect what people actually want. It may even be stupid. It leads to irrational government where it doesn’t matter who governs.

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