Royal Society humiliates itself again

A gaffe in their own basic calculations led the Royal Society to falsely find that CO2 would stay in the atmosphere for thousands of years rather than a dozen or so as per peer-reviewed studies show. A German chemist, Dr Klaus Kaiser, has exposed this latest shambolic episode.

It is no surprise that this should happen yet again. A political agenda is at play and science is being ridden over roughshod. Any rational person would ask how long Government will continue to submit to the advice and guidance of such bodies when they continue to make error after staggering error. However, such errors that should be resulting in a crisis of confidence in the corridors of power are doggedly ignored or treated as triviality – and the mind numbing, ignorant mantra that the basic science remains sound is trotted out ad nauseum.

The man made global warming lobby is fighting a rear guard action. As fast as they can churn out theories masquerading as facts, their assertions are dissected and elementary flaws in the pseudoscience exposed. The hypothesis is coming apart at the seams, but there is too much money at stake to simply come clean.

Having started their enviroscam under the label ‘global warming’ the absence of warming forced them to rebrand it as ‘climate change’. As their continuing claims are discredited and prophecies fail to materialise they are being forced to rebrand again to the meaningless catch-all descriptor, ‘global climate disruption’. But the end result is always the same. Parts of the planet warm as others cool. That’s the way it is, the way it has always been and the way it always be.

In the pursuit of public profile and public funds, leading figures within bodies such as the Royal Society and the American Physical Society have corrupted science, perpetrated a fraud against the population and waged war on anyone who has the courage to dissent from their methods and questionable pronouncements. As long as the politicians provide cover for this corruption, in return for convenient claims that give them scope to impose harmful policies and increase the power of supranational entities, this farce will continue. It is only when the public takes a stand against the political class that the fraud will end.


2 Responses to “Royal Society humiliates itself again”

  1. 1 Tufty 15/10/2010 at 12:08 pm

    The residence time of CO2 in the atmosphere has always been a seriously weak point in the climate change game. Numerous isotopic studies using various techniques give results of 15 years or less. In other words, the CO2 we emit doesn’t stay in the atmosphere.

    The carbon cycle is not nearly as well understood as climate scientists assume. For example the fate of stable organic compounds in the oceans is barely understood quantitatively or qualitatively. The RS figure of 1000years is possibly from a paper by Solomon et al, which very few scientist seem to find credible. In fact it is difficult to see how the RS could have been so naive as to use it.

  2. 2 Robert 15/10/2010 at 1:10 pm

    The Canadian article is most interesting. It would seem that the more carbon dioxide there is in the atmosphere the faster the plants fix it.

    With regard to the half life of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere what does it degrade to? I have not found a definitive answer in my searches. Does anyone know?

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