Hypocritical little chancer?

Imagine the suprise some people must feel upon discovering Gamu Nhengu, who last week said ‘A firing squad’s waiting for us’ in Zimbabwe, has been visiting the country to take holidays as recently as a couple of years ago.

Now why would someone, supposedly fleeing persecution and claiming to be at risk of death at the hands of the Mugabe regime, present themselves voluntarily in that country? Having returned there unmolested and been able to travel back to the UK at will, it seems clear the claim of Nokuthula Ngazana to be allowed leave to remain in the UK is completely unjustified.

All too often we see economic migrants concoct false stories to con the British immigration authorities. It would be a travesty if following this revelation Mrs Ngazana and her family are granted leave to remain. It would also be a travesty if a single penny of taxpayers’ money finds its way to the well heeled legal team arguing to keep Gamu and her family in the UK.

For all the emotional blackmail and tearjerking sob stories spun to the media, it seems this is just another migrant family weaving a web of lies in an attempt to get around clear visa rules they agreed to. It is time they packed their bags and we wished them farewell.

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