That which has been stolen from the British people

Just watching an episode of the West Wing (‘War Crimes’ in Series 3 if you’re interested) for some escapism and one line in particular stood out.

Chief of Staff Leo McGarry is talking with one of his former Air Force officer colleagues, General Adamley, about a having a standing body on hand to prosecute war crimes.

McGarry is enthusiastic while Adamley is against the idea and in frustration cuts Leo off, saying:

“National Sovereignty is at stake. Americans are answerable to no one except their own government and their own laws.”

It’s strange how a single line like that from a fictional TV show can ram home the extent of the democratic deficit imposed on the people of the UK. For the fact is that line could never be said by a Briton.

Britons are answerable to bodies other than the UK government. Britons are subject to laws enacted outside our borders. Thanks to the supposedly EUsceptic vichy Conservatives in the coalition government agreeing to sign up to European Investigation Orders (EIO), police officers in EU member states can demand that police in the UK investigate a British Subject and demand that Briton be extradited without any prima facie evidence of an offence being committed.

Such is the insanity, a Briton who committed an act which is legal in the Member State where the act was carried out could be subject to body, house and business searches, financial investigations, some forms of covert surveillance, or any other investigative measures within the scope of the Directive as regards any ‘crime’ whatsoever which exists under the law of any other Member State, if that other Member State extends jurisdiction for that crime beyond its own territory. So points out Professor of Law at Essex University, Steve Peers. The net effect is that the UK will lose its power to define what acts are in fact criminal if committed on the territory of their State.

I want Britons to be able to say they are answerable to no one except their own government and their own laws. But thanks to the betrayal of this country by its political class, it is impossible. The real crime is that this has been done by politicians who continue to deny the British people any possibility of approving or rejecting such changes in a legally binding referendum.

2 Responses to “That which has been stolen from the British people”

  1. 1 Sue 17/10/2010 at 7:48 am

    “I want Britons to be able to say they are answerable to no one except their own government and their own laws”

    Join the club. That’s what we all want except of course for the socialists (yes the conservative party are socialists too) who want their utopian socialist Europe.

    Sod the rest of us. I am not a socialist, I am right wing and believe my rights lie within the Common Laws of our once great country.

    I don’t believe any of it is legal. They certainly didn’t have my consent or even consider asking for it.

    No government will ever get any voluntary tax contribution from me ever again.

  2. 2 jameshigham 17/10/2010 at 11:59 am

    I’d like that for the English too.

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