How is Theresa May a government minister?

Writing in that bastion of denialist socialist propaganda, Mrs Andrew Marr (Jackie Ashley, not the mother of the Marr lovechild, Alice Miles) laments the lack of women in government. Ashley argues that the government has so few women in it that it’s no surprise their interests are absent from debates about the cuts:

There are just four women cabinet ministers. One is very junior, and comes from the Lords. One is Welsh secretary. As home secretary, Theresa May has some clout, but not on economic issues. Ditto Caroline Spelman at environment.

Anyone listening to the Today programme this morning would be forgiven for wondering how on earth Theresa May is in the Cabinet at all.  Her interview with John Humphrys in the 8.10am slot was a complete and utter car crash. Listeners have rarely heard a Minister of the Crown so completely out of their depth, waffling pitifully and repeating the answers to previous questions when clearly having no grasp of their brief.

May said that cyber-attacks on vital computer networks present a ‘new and growing threat’ to the security of the United Kingdom. Not only is the threat far from ‘new’, she was incapable of articulating why cyber attacks are as serious a threat to the country as terrorism and therefore warranting serious attention in the government’s National Security Strategy. At least GCHQ was capable of explaining the nature of the cyber threat last week, while the Home Secretary was doubtless asleep at her desk.

All Theresa May is good for is insulting grassroots Conservatives by tagging them as the ‘nasty party’, signing up to every passing EU law and order power grab and acting as a clothes horse to provide the useless political media with column inches on parliamentarian fashion.

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