Yet more climate change bias by Roger Harrabin exposed

It must be a real red letter day for Richard Black and Roger Harrabin as they both enjoyed appearances by the on Radio 4’s Today programme this morning. The only question is, why are they still there? Well we know why, because the BBC is a zealous advocate of the theory of man made global warming and both Black and Harrabin sing from that hymnal.

No one who has followed the media’s partial and distorted climate change agenda will have forgotten Harrabin’s craven climb down and willingness to edit a story that was inconvenient to the global warming orthodoxy, under pressure from campaigner Jo Abbess. But then, what else would one expect from a man with a lucrative sideline in speaking and conference chairing at warmist events? A man who rather than being open to counter arguments on the subject takes every opportunity to play them down and subtly work to discredit them.

Not only do Harrabin and Black fail to faithfully report counter arguments and explain them, they actively strive to prevent those arguments reaching the ears of the public that funds their employer and pays their day job salaries – a point well made below by Telegraph columnist James Delingpole:

As if such bias by omission isn’t bad enough, meterologist Piers Corbyn of Weather Action adds another damning indictment of Harrabin in his most recent newsletter. Speaking to an audience at a meeting to discuss the BBC’s Weather (Test) Project, Corbyn revealed:

(click to enlarge)

It is the most clear abuse of power yet. The public service broadcaster has a duty to report impartially, not to engage in propaganda. But Harrabin (and Black) cross that line continually to push their chosen ideology and exclude anything than contradicts the belief system of their cohorts. Corbyn’s forecast was newsworthy and of public interest. But Harrabin ensured it never reached the audience, instead focusing on the inaccurate and skewed forecasting of the Met Office which continues to stagger people with its uselessness.

The BBC in its state of partiality still refuses to rectify this abuse of power. The public remain ill informed. The public continues to fund biased and substandard ‘journalism’.

8 Responses to “Yet more climate change bias by Roger Harrabin exposed”

  1. 1 Roger Harrabin 19/10/2010 at 2:30 pm

    Please stop repeating the old Jo Abbess smear. I wrote a piece pointing out that global temperatures were not rising. I corrected it after the head of the WMO complained that I had not properly represented his views. Ms Abbess assumed incorrectly that she had engineered the change, and boasted about it. Along the way, the Abbess quote got altered. No-one has protested that the article itself is incorrect, and indeed it presages other mainstream articles on this topic by a long distance.

    If you want to know my assessment of climate change, try these programmes

    Roger Harrabin

  2. 2 Autonomous Mind 19/10/2010 at 3:58 pm

    Roger, you describe it as a smear and say the Abbess quote got altered. Please tell us which quote was altered.

    Jo Abbess posted a message celebrating her success in changing your mind and a transcript of the email exchange between you was made public. If the transcript was inaccurate then surely you have a cause of action, or at the very least should publish the correct version of the emails. But reading the available transcript shows you directly reacting to demands from Abbess, not the head of the WMO, and asking if she was satisfied with your edits. Do you dispute this?

    I will be delighted to retract my references to your exchange with Jo Abbess when you provide evidence to substantiate your allegation.

    In the mean time would you care to comment on Piers Corbyn’s assertion that you pledged to report his forecast for last winter but then failed to do so and ran exclusively with the Met Office forecast, despite their poor forecasting track record? The effect of this was a lack of preparation for the weather that ensued. Perhaps an explanation would be appropriate.

    Kind regards.

  3. 3 Jack Savage 23/10/2010 at 12:37 pm

    Cue the sound of crickets chirping… or the sight of a tumble weed rolling across a silent desert…

    Roger? Are you there?

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