The quisling Cameron Conservatives

With each passing day David Cameron’s deceit becomes more evident and further vindicates my decision to resign as a councillor and leave the Conservative Party.

Cameron is an unprincipled and self serving politician of the worst kind. Those Conservatives who hoped when in office he would reveal himself to be a Eurosceptic have had their delusions shattered.

The simple truth is if you want the UK to be a sovereign nation that determines its own laws and regulations and is governed by elected representatives we can remove from office, then do not vote Conservative. The ConservativeHome commentator, Melanchthon, lays the truth bare today when he says:

But, in reality, it appears that when Labour said our Eurosceptic promises were all hot air, they were right; that when Heseltine said that in government every Conservative Prime Minister is Europhile, he was right; that when UKIP said Conservatives were not to be trusted on Europe, they were right; that when I and others said that the Conservative Party had changed, and that Cameron and Hague were genuinely convicted Eurosceptics who understood what must be done and would not let us down, we were wrong.

His piece is titled ‘They’ll call us quislings’. On that score he is wrong, for the fact is we have already been calling the Conservatives that. And rightly so.

But let us not forget the useless and craven fools in the media who slavishly peddle the Conservative line and misrepresent the facts of how this country has given up its sovereignty and how it is governed by an overseas entity. For the truth about our situation we have to cast our eyes away from the mainstream media and focus upon knowledgeable elements in the blogosphere that understand what is going on and are not frightened to give it to us straight:

[…] Cameron cannot bat it away. It is now a matter for the conciliation committee, as I explained earlier, over which he has neither jurisdiction nor control, the decision in any event being QMV, with the final arbiter the EU parliament.

Thus, no wonder Cameron is “softening”. He has no option, because he has no power. And the turds-for-brains in the Telegraph can’t even be bothered to learn the procedures before they write their unmitigated garbage. They and even darlink Hannan can’t even apply their limited intellects to understanding the difference between a “summit” and a European Council.

Cameron and his vichy Conservatives like to wrap themselves in the flag and waffle at length about patriotism. The problem is the flag is blue with gold stars that their loyalty is to Brussels rather than the people they are supposed to serve. As a result we are bound into a bloc devoid of democratic legitimacy or oversight and powerless too for as long as we remain part of it. We should feel nothing less than furious contempt for these sickening creatures who have dragged us into this situation and are working hard behind the scenes to keep us there.


5 Responses to “The quisling Cameron Conservatives”

  1. 1 Sickle 28/10/2010 at 4:29 pm

    Oh Dear! You are surely not saying that you didn’t know they were all kidding you? There was never any doubt that they are not going to leave the EU. Never. Any.
    The EU is the holy grail of the political class everywhere. All the hugely profitable posts are on offer there. Even if you are only a foot soldier you will quickly become rich. All the slightest democratic risks have been removed for the political class. Seats, as in Westminster are awarded by the parties and are for life, or at least long enough for you to feed from the trough to your heart’s content and until you are very rich. Associated opportunities will increase that wealth for years and years to come.
    For my part I welcome the EU. You know where you are with the EU. You need never ever vote again and can rest assured that your lords and masters are no better and no worse than the corrupt anti-democratic rabble assembled at Westminster.
    In a perfect world Westminster would be abolished, completely.

  2. 2 WitteringsfromWitney 28/10/2010 at 4:59 pm

    Totally agree AM.

    It is sickening when one views the Conservative Party of today and how it has allowed itself to be ‘remoulded’ by Cameron. It is even more sickening when one knows that those same Conservative MPs are more interested in their personal careers than they are in representing their constituents and the interests of the country.

    And then those I know wonder why I get so mad at the present situation and that I would quite happily make them adornments to every lamppost I can find!

  3. 3 Autonomous Mind 28/10/2010 at 5:32 pm

    No Sickle, I knew all too well that Cameron was spinning like a top and could not be trusted. My failure was not accepting much sooner I could not change the Conservative party from within.

    For my part I want to live in a functioning democracy, which is why I want the British people to decide the form of our relationship with the EU and why I want Westminster to be sovereign. At least that way the political climbers can be removed at an election.

    This country needs a political revolution, a radical transformation, that will give genuine democratic power to the people and rein in the political class. We need to restore the public as the masters and the politicians as the servants.

  4. 4 Sickle 28/10/2010 at 6:54 pm

    AM said”I want to live in a functioning democracy, which is why I want the British people to decide the form of our relationship with the EU and why I want Westminster to be sovereign”.
    How sweet AM! Problem is the British people have no chance of deciding anything. They may only votre for one of the party selected candidates, one who has convinced the party hierarchy of a sectionable standard of loyalty in return for unregulated income, expenses, and pension, with subsidised food, restaurants, bars and special treatment by HMR&C. The USA has a House of Representatives composed of 430 members while little old Britain has 650 to rule our tiny island. The Lords are worse, shortly to be inflated to 800+ appointees (Democracy my ass!)All these swine grunting and swilling at the trough of OUR money. And remember they all have their favoured employees and relatives sucking at the tax-teat.
    Democracy, my ass. How is it possible that none of these crooks is yet in Jail?

  5. 5 Autonomous Mind 28/10/2010 at 7:25 pm

    Things will change. You’re thinking of things as they are and trying to achieve change within the current structures. Unconventional approaches will resolve this problem.

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