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3. Unenlightened Commentary on Joined Up Government

4. Calling England on ‘You’re Next,’ Assange Tells Bankers

5. The Ranting Penguin on What Are The Odds On Julian Assange Seeing Christmas 2011?

‘In Europe, not run by Europe’ part XXVIII

Get ready to hand over your wallets… the EU says so. Thanks to the eagle eyes of The Boiling Frog we see yet again Cameron’s fantasy of being in Europe but not run by Europe exposed for the complete bullshit it is and recorded in Hansard:

Mr Tobias Ellwood (Bournemouth East) (Con): It is clear from the response that we have heard today that the Labour party is still in denial about the huge deficit that it created. I congratulate my right hon. Friend on coming up with a workable, viable and transparent plan that can take us out of this mess.

I take my right hon. Friend back to the permanent fiscal stability facility, which will not come online until 2013. What will happen if another eurozone country requires a bail-out? Will Britain’s involvement be kept to a minimum?

Mr Osborne: I thank my hon. Friend for his initial comments. I say this about any future action that we may or may not have to take. On the bilateral loan, I said last week that there were some very specific—I stress the words “very specific”—circumstances that would lead us to support Ireland because of the interconnectedness of our economies. I also said that the European financial stability mechanism, the EU fund, was something that the previous Government had signed up to, and that the UK could not block its use because it operated under qualified majority voting. I had to deal with that situation, but by finding now what I think is a way forward that means that the mechanism disappears in 2013, we have taken a bad situation and made it a lot better.

The money quote is highlighted in bold italics.

5 Star Blogging

A daily selection of five blog posts recommended to you for being thought provoking, insightful, covering interesting subjects or comprising quality writing…

1. EU Referendum on Cravenly Conformist?

2. Katabasis on WikiLeaks/Cablegate – The End Of Turkish EU Ambitions As We Know It

3. Longrider on Nanny’s Back

4. Climate Change Dispatch hosts IPCC Sea Level Nature Trick

5. Bishop Hill on The Poisonous Influence Of GuardianEco

It’s getting warmer in… Mongolia

Following on from my last posting… Is it any surprise that the prediction of Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia, who said in 2000 that within a few years winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event” has been replaced with claims that global warming actually leads to more snow rather than less?

Perhaps nature’s stubborn refusal to align with computer models has led to this change in tune. Perhaps also it is inconvenient stories like this one from China that caused such severe embarrassment a new narrative had to be constructed in a desperate and ultimately futile attempt to save face:

A continuing snowstorm has disrupted the lives of more than 52,800 people in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region over the past week. Snow storms has hit four towns in Xing’an Prefecture, a pasture region about 1,500 km northeast of the regional capital, Hohhot, since last Saturday. Snow has accumulated up to 30 cm deep in most parts of the region and a meter in some areas. The snow was 40 days earlier than its usual arrival time and was the heaviest in 30 years. About 2 million heads of livestock have been affected by the storm. (Xinhua/Ren Junchuan)

After spending hundreds of millions of our tax pounds on research grants and funding the scientific wizards have done nothing except reverse their own predictions while doggedly maintaining makind is warming the planet. An enquiring mind may consider this to be rather suspect.

CRU climate scientists, their models, and crystal balls

A superb blog post at Not A Sheep about one of those expert climate change predictions from the University of East Anglia’s lavishly funded and globally respected (stop sniggering) ‘Climatic Research Unit’. Enjoy.

This is the CRU of Climategate infamy and the predicition is one you won’t find the warmists talking about because with all this extra snow and record cold in the northern hemisphere they have now completely reversed their narrative to fit around current observations. No matter what the weather is, for those with a vested interest it’s a sign of “climate change” / “dangerous climate change” / “extremely dangerous climate change“.

But at the heart of it all appears to be nothing more than a financial and political objective rather than any environmental concern.

But that doesn’t stop people like Vicky Pope at the Met Office continuing to play the game. We saw plenty of coverage of her comments about warming continuing albeit more slowly. But where was the coverage of the views of a knowledgeable and high performing meterologist who predicted this and believes it is not man but nature causing the changes in climate? The man to read on the subject is Joe Bastardi (click to enlarge).

Copying the Swiss in deporting foreign criminals automatically

Writing in the Barclay Brother Beano, Alex Singleton observes that the independent and sovereign Swiss have voted to deport foreign criminals automatically.

‘Let’s copy them’ intones Singleton.  (Hat tip: 13th Spitfire). He goes on to rail against the ‘latte liberals at Amnesty International [who] are appalled and – revealing their utter contempt for democracy – are calling on Swiss politicians to ignore the will of the people’. But that takes us off the main point, for as Singleton explains:

The new Swiss policy is so obviously a sensible idea that we ought to copy it here. Having very high levels of immigration, and having allied ourselves with America in the fight against terrorism, we have an even bigger problem with foreign criminals. In Opposition, David Cameron promised to allow their deportation by abolishing the Human Rights Act, which makes British courts follow the European Convention on Human Rights. Now that he’s in office, he won’t do that, because it would involve leaving the European Union, which he isn’t prepared to do.

Perhaps we could if we had representatives sitting in a sovereign parliament (like the one pictured, which has far more power than Westminster) who would enact such legislation. But we don’t. Our government resides in Brussels despite the British people never having given a mandate to rule from abroad by an alien entity. Therefore Singleton’s suggestion is fatuous.  He knows we can’t copy the Swiss and won’t copy them because our political class bows down to the EU. The British people are not in control of Britain or its laws. Singleton then goes on to say:

That’s a mistake, because it leaves Britain in a wholly unsatisfactory position. We are a nation that acts as a magnet to immigrants from around the world, but we are not allowed to control which ones can remain within our borders, even when they threaten out way of life. Cameron, like Brown and Blair before him, will hope the problem of foreign criminals goes away. It won’t – and it’s the public who will be the victims.

It’s not a mistake. It is an outrage. An effective coup d’etat has been staged that David Cameron goes along with and is helping to cement. It’s all well and good saying the Swiss know how to stand up for themselves. But then, however much it frustrates them, Swiss politicians have to do what the Swiss people tell them to. That’s what is supposed to happen in a democracy. But as people are starting to realise, Britain is not a democracy. Therefore we must continue to play host to foreign criminals and extend to them all the services and support of the State at our expense.

It will remain thus until the mainstream political parties are defeated or a revolution sweeps the political class into the dustbin of history. Not that we can expect Singleton to spell it out so explicitly. The political class would not like that, and that would never do.

WikiLeaks: Media double standards and hypocrisy

The point is being made on a number of blogs such as PowerLine (Hat tip: Bishop Hill), but it is worthy of being made here too. Why is it the Climategate emails were not published by the New York Times because they were allegedly ‘acquired illegally’, yet that same paper is poring over the WikiLeaks data and publishing the diplomatic cables without hesitation?

Some people say this points to media double standards and that it’s a clear example of hypocrisy. They’re right. This episode should remind people that entities like the New York Times are nothing more than biased viewspapers.

The Climategate emails undermined the man made climate change agenda the NYT had long been advancing, so it spun the line it was taking some mythical high ground by not publishing the emails leaked from CRU and reporting information that weakened the anthropogenic global warming narrative. That concern does not apply in the case of the cables sent by US diplomats and representatives. So irrespective of the fact the cables came into the public domain in the same way the Climategate emails did, the NYT is happy to put its circulation interests first.

Forget the notion of papers reporting the news. Only a tiny percentage of their content is derived from investigation and examination. The vast majority of content is cut and pasted from press releases issued by political parties, special interest groups, companies and organisations. The papers are merely the delivery mechanism of propaganda and spin and follow their own agenda. If the content they receive questions their agenda be assured it will not be published.

5 Star Blogging

A daily selection of five blog posts recommended to you for being thought provoking, insightful, covering interesting subjects or comprising quality writing…

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3. Taking Liberties on The good (Andrew Marr), the bad (Andrew Lansley) and the Widdy

4. Ambush Predator on The Best Defence Is A Good Attack…

5. Robin Shepherd on BBC Censorship Of Inconvenient Truths About Palestinian Rejection Of Peace Reaches Farcical Proportions

And please allow me to recommend this thought provoking speech to you…


WikiLeaks lays bare the games of the political class

The drip feed of revelations from US diplomatic cables being published on WikiLeaks and via several selected media outlets will make interesting reading. Already the cables have shattered the default thinking of some people.

The supposedly bloodthirsty Israelis have shown concern about collateral damage if Iran’s nuclear facilities are not attacked before the end of this year. A number of Arab states have been pressing the US to deal with the threat of their fellow Muslim nation, Iran. David Cameron may have emulated Obama’s ‘change’ meme during the election campaign, but the Americans are not impressed by him. And there is much more besides. It will take time to distil much of the information so titbits will take days to emerge.

While much is being made about the assertion that publication would place at risk “the lives of countless innocent individuals … ongoing military operations … and cooperation between countries” it is becoming clear (unsurprisingly) that the main driver of protests about the publication of these cables is a desire to avoid embarrassment about the often inane games played by the political class. Let the contempt and oppobrium be heaped upon them.


Hanging would be too good for them

If you have a couple of minutes spare, read this account of the rows and scheming between Gordon Brown, Nicolas Sarkozy, Jose Manuel Barroso and Peter Mandelson over the allocation of jobs in the EU, as outlined in a new book by Dr Anthony Seldon.

Once you have read it ask yourself the following question… how does any of this ferrets in a sack nonsense benefit the British people or advance our interests? The EU is about political power, by politicians for politicians, with the bill picked up by the taxpayers. Their interests have nothing to do with our interests. These people are nothing but parasites feeding off us for their own gain.

Just who are these people serving?

I defy you to read this section of Christopher Booker’s latest report about forced adoptions and what amounts to child theft and not feel frustration at best, or raw violent anger at worst. (Hat tip: EU Referendum):

I shall give just one disturbing instance of the latest developments in a case I have been following for months. Like many others, this came to me through the Forced Adoption website, run by former councillor Ian Josephs. It involves a married couple whose five older children were seized earlier this year, subsequent to which their latest baby was torn from its mother’s arms only hours after it was born.

The bizarre story originally stated by the social workers to justify their ruthless intervention in this family’s life seems to have collapsed. At a recent court hearing, I am told, the judge seemed disposed to reunite the family as soon as possible. The baby was returned to her parents later that day. But the council asked for 21 days’ stay of execution before returning the five older children, three of whom the parents had not been allowed to see for weeks. The judge apparently agreed but insisted that an independent social worker should interview the children.

The independent social worker eventually managed to interview four of the children, apparently reporting that they all wished to be allowed to go home to their parents. But the court refused to give the parents a copy of the judge’s ruling, and on Friday they were summoned back to hear from him that he had now seemingly changed his mind and that the children did not wish to come home after all. According to the parents, they were not allowed to question the evidence on which he based his new ruling, although they were told they could appeal.

What on earth is going on here? Even from the little I am permitted to report of this case, it seems evident that something seriously odd is afoot.

But this is merely one of far too many cases where families are being heartlessly torn apart, often without the parents even being allowed to question the evidence or to speak for themselves. To hear such horror stories being dismissed as representing “less than 10 per cent” of all the cases where children are seized is simply not good enough. Each is shocking enough in its own right. But when every week brings news of a dozen more, this only confirms that we indeed have a national scandal on our hands.

This is not justice. This is enslavement by our self selecting elite. The servant believes himself to be the master and ensures the law fails to protect us. How is this a democracy when our elected representatives ignore our demands to end such travesties and we are powerless to do anything about it?  It must not be allowed to continue. There will be a reckoning.

Cameron driving the climate change money train

The redistribution of money from ordinary people to the big corporations, enforced by government legislation, will continue apace under the Cameron Coalition.

The Huskie-loving huckster has signalled his determination to ignore flawed and questionable arguments about mankind changing the climate and to press ahead with the enrichment of the parasite class and their corporate sponsors. The Guardian reports Cameron as saying the coalition’s ambition is to be the greenest government ever formed:

“I passionately believe that by recasting the argument for action on climate change away from the language of threats and punishments and into positive, profit-making terms, we can have a much wider impact,”

However, the profit making will be the preserve of the corporates with poor old Joe Public footing the bill. Cameron wants his fellow parasites to make the economic case for action and points out that the low-carbon market is worth up to £3.2 trillion and forecast to grow by 4% annually. This isn’t money going into our pockets – it is money being taken from them to fund the global climate change scam that will impoverish hundreds of millions of people while making members of the elite even more wealthy.

It has already been happening as shown in a Sunday Telegraph article today. But as usual with that Barclay Brothers comic, the ability to join the dots, spell out the true nature of the scam and make the direct connection all the way back to Cameron and the parasite class, is missing.

A fraud of unfathomably immense proportions is being committed against ordinary people. Taxpayers’ money continues to be poured into scientific ‘research’ departments that can be relied upon to produce the necessary predictions of catastophic climate change, which in turn spawn legislation and new forms of taxation, that in turn is channelled to the corporates to provide ‘zero carbon solutions’ that have zero effect on the climate because the changes are overwhelmingly driven by nature.

The media spins the given lines without question despite physical observation conflicting with the doomesday predictions. Meanwhile the destruction of natural resources and genuine pollution are ignored and continue to worsen because there is no profit in it for the corporates. This is without doubt the biggest scam in history and people are allowing it to happen because of a misplaced belief that all these ‘experts’ and ‘leaders’ couldn’t possibly hatch such a plot. For God’s sake people, wake up.

5 Star Blogging

A daily selection of five blog posts recommended to you for being thought provoking, insightful, covering interesting subjects or comprising quality writing…

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Britain’s EU membership is in ________ interests

It’s fill in the blank time… It is a common refrain from the Europhiles, and those business leaders who benefit from cheap imported labour, that Britain’s EU membership is in our interests.

Perhaps it is more appropriate to fill in the blank with Europe’s – as a written answer in the House of Lords this week tells a very different story to the one peddled to we long suffering mushrooms, who are kept in the dark and fed shit by the political class (Hat tip: Ockham’s Razor). Lord Stoddart of Swindon saw fit:

To ask Her Majesty’s Government what are the accumulated deficits or surpluses in the United Kingdom’s trade with the other European Union countries between 2000 and 2009 in (a) manufactured goods, (b) services, and (c) goods and services.

The reply (click on the image below to enlarge) shows an outflow of Pounds Sterling to pay for an influx of European goods.

The fact is the EU countries selling these goods to Britain will continue to do so regardless of whether or not we are members of the EU. There is absolutely no justification for surrendering political and legal sovereignty in order to trade with EU member states.

It makes one wonder why that idiot Cameron spends time trying to achieve more balanced trade with China when we are demonstrably incapable of achieving it with the rest of the EU.

5 Star Blogging

A daily selection of five blog posts recommended to you for being thought provoking, insightful, covering interesting subjects or comprising quality writing…

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And seeing as I’ve been away from the blog for a while, a bonus post deserving of your time…


Our parasite class

There is bitter in-fighting between David Cameron’s puppetmaster, Steve Hilton and Cameron’s (for now) Communications Director, Andy Coulson. It is having a direct impact on government policy and therefore the country. Have you read about it in the media per chance? No? Guido explains:

The non-reporting of SHAC Attacks by the gentlemen reporters of the Lobby is the latest example of them behaving exactly as Peter Oborne describes in his book the Triumph of the Political Class. The Lobby is quite simply the tame “client media” of the political class. They’re reluctant to write about the Hilton / Coulson clashes for fear of being frozen out from having stories spoon-fed to them. Just as they were reluctant to write about another Downing Street adviser until the day after he resigned.

This is the British Establishment. Self serving and weighed down with vested interests. Despite this people turn out in their millions to vote for the political class and continue to believe what they are told by the media claque. Together they make up the parasite class. The question is, how much longer will they get away with it? This country is ripe for a sweeping transformation – but it will only happen if ordinary people will stand up for their own interests with the same zeal as the establishment.

David Cameron’s ‘spectacular success’

On the subject of the EU budget discussions, think back to when David Cameron returned from Brussels. The EU wanted more of our money and rather than put our interests first Cameron tried to split the difference in what he considers to be his uniquely ‘pragmatic’ way.

Either way the British taxpayer was going to pay at least £450m extra per year to fund the corrupt, self serving and incompetent bureaucracy’s quest for domination over the people of Europe. Cameron wanted us to believe that but for him and his brilliance we would instead be paying closer to a billion pounds extra each year. Indeed, this was the comment uttered by that fatuous idiot back in October:

We have succeeded quite spectacularly, we put together a big alliance to stop that juggernaut of 6% in its tracks.

The idiot may have conned some people, but many knew this was no done deal and that Cameron was engaging in the worst kind of spin and deception. The bill of £450m was always going to rise despite Cameron’s strutting in front of the press.

And so it has proved to be. Far from being stopped in its tracks that ‘juggernaut’ simply steered around Cameron, and its operator flicked two fingers at the British people as it passed by. EU Referendum explains the latest example of the European Union getting what it wants by whatever means necessary.

Succeeded quite spectacularly eh? He’s even more stupid than we previously thought. Let’s see the media put him on the spot about this one if they are paying attention for once. Perhaps the first question in Cameron’s idiotic waste of money ‘wellbeing index‘ survey should read: ‘How pleased are you that even more of your money is being demanded by the EU and that your Prime Minister hasn’t got the spine to refuse?’

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing my readers in the United States a very Happy Thanksgiving!

A short break

It’s been very busy lately so I’m enjoying a short blogging break. Back soon!

5 Star Blogging

A daily selection of five blog posts recommended to you for being thought provoking, insightful, covering interesting subjects or comprising quality writing…

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