Gaza truth emerges as Hamas admits lies

It was only ever going to be a matter of time before the truth emerged. Hamas has confirmed for the first time today that between 200 and 300 members of the organization’s military wing (fighters, terrorists) were killed during Israel’s Operation Cast Lead offensive in the Gaza Strip in 2008. (Hat tip: Media Backspin)

Hamas previously denied those figures which were consistent with the numbers initially reported by the Israel Defense Forces Spokesperson’s Unit immediately following the operation. The terrorists turned dictators claimed at the time that less than 50 of its fighters had been killed and labelled all other deaths as civilian, claims that were accepted without question by the flawed and biased Goldstone Report commissioned by the United Nations.

If the first casualty of war is truth then Hamas is the go-to group for lies, distortions and fabrications. Even when finally conceding that Israel was not only targeting armed fighters but doing so much more effectively than previously admitted, Hamas’ Interior Minister, Fathi Hamad couldn’t stop himself from spouting yet another big porky. In response to a question about Al Qadea involvement in Gaza he trotted out this little gem:

“We are moderate people, and we don’t like extremists or fanatics,”

Beyond parody. Presumably the photograph above is of one of their peace campaigners, taken in between throwing Fatah members from rooftops and then sending death squads after their Fatah rivals. But perhaps Hamad became more truthful as he added:

“We don’t need weapons or Jihad fighters – anyone who wants to help us can send money.”

Indeed, Hamas is doing altogether rather too well when it comes to smuggling rockets and explosives into Gaza in readiness for yet more attacks on Israel. They just need to keep paying for them to be supplied.

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