Two Presidents

Over on the England Expects blog, Gawain Towler draws attention to a joint interview between the EU’s two Presidents, Herman Van Rompuy – President of the European Council, and José Manuel Barroso – President of the European Commission.

As Gawain points out, the two Presidents reveal in their answers they hold somewhat differing opinions as to what will happen at the next European Council meeting concerning the subject of voting rights of member states. At the heart of this matter is the increasing concern felt by the EU bureaucracy that Germany’s Constitutional Court will hold that the EU is acting illegally in respect of the right of Euro zone members:

‘to participate in decision making in EMU-related procedures in the case of a permanent threat to the stability of the euro area as a whole.’

Highbrow stuff that no doubt keeps many bureaucrats busy at the cost of our tax pounds. But what is worth pointing out for the umpteenth time is that here we have the two most powerful men in Europe – engaging in a turf war to determine who really holds sway in EU politics – and neither has ever appeared on any ballot paper issued in this country.

Neither man is President of a body that has any electoral mandate, neither man nor the bodies they head up are democratically accountable to the hundreds of millions of people whose lives they impact and therefore neither man has any democratic right to govern us. The United Kingdom claims to be a democracy, yet the political class binds us to the laws and rules created by the bodies run by these two men – men we have not voted for and are incapable of removing from office granted to them through patronage.

This is fundamentally anti-democratic. These men have no political legitimacy but they are our rulers. Nothing either of these two Presidents say should have any bearing on this country, but thanks to our craven political class, they do. For how much longer will the British people allow the political class to continue this injustice?

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