UK takes first step into EU Army

‘Anyone who thinks that Anglo-French military “co-operation” isn’t a Trojan Horse for the EU Army needs their brains examined.’

That is the simple fact reiterated on EU Referendum earlier today.  And it’s not like the discussions and the warnings of this huge step towards a federal superstate have not been there for years. The political class and the media have been teeing this up for a long time. Here’s just a random sample of reports on the subject:

2005 – The next step will be to form a Europe-wide foreign policy and merge the armed forces into a single EU army.
2006 – The President of Poland, Lech Kaczynski, has proposed the creation of a 100,000-strong EU army designed to work with NATO.
2007 – “We need to get closer to a common army for Europe,” Merkel last week told German daily Bild.
2007 – David Miliband yesterday called for greater military cooperation between European countries – fuelling fears of a possible EU army to rival Nato.
2008 – In a little-reported speech on May 6, Germany’s Foreign Minister Steinmeier called for greater efforts to create a common EU army.
2008 – Slowly but surely, the hidden agenda of the European Union’s foreign policy elite, led by France, becomes clear. They want an EU ‘army’, ‘hard power’ and a grand new military headquarters.
2008 – The freshly appointed UK defence secretary has publicly supported on Monday the idea of a European army.

The problem seems to be ordinary people thought this was something that simply could never happen. They saw the reports of an EU Army, figured these were the pipe dreams of self important windbags, and returned to the more serious business of deciding who to vote for on X Factor and which EastEnders character would be next to be run over in Albert Square. Or perhaps some thought a Conservative like Cameron would be elected and stop it happening – not reckoning on the fact the man as heir to Blair and his ‘progressive’ ilk is fully signed up to selling the UK out.

In their distracted state what most people did not realise or did not care was that these windbags were working unchecked to award themselves the power to carry out their plans. The salami tactics of seizing power slice by slice did not register with many, but they have brought us to this defining moment in our history – a moment when the UK completes the surrender of itself to the bureaucracy.

Those who saw it coming shouted from the rooftops but were told to stop ‘banging on’ about Europe by the very man who will move the first piece on the board to make the dream a reality by signing a ‘cooperation’ agreement with the French that signals the end of British military independence. Perhaps this was what Cameron had in mind when he spoke of ‘letting sunshine win the day’.

There is a word that fits Cameron perfectly. Collaborateur.

7 Responses to “UK takes first step into EU Army”

  1. 1 13th spitfire 02/11/2010 at 12:52 am

    I do no think there is a diplomatic way out anymore. We will leave but I think we might have to fight for it, a rerun of the civil war tragically. Perhaps I am being misanthropic but I am just going by what I have seen over the past decades; those which supposedly represent us have only lured us deeper into the dragon’s den and the only way to get out is to stab it in the heart.

  2. 2 Derek Reynolds 02/11/2010 at 8:49 am

    The masses are distracted. The plan is unfolded. They don’t/won’t see. At just what point do people come out of their comfort zones and stand up for their sovereign rights? But they look out the window, and check their mail, and see nothing that resembles any ‘sovereignty’ save an old Queen living in luxury, so what is it they need to stand up for when all they have of Britain is memories, a march past the Cenotaph, and ‘Days of Glory’.

    Those who remember cannot stand up for what is gone, save to salute what is lost. Many are in their later years and are semi-comfortable with what they have and worked for all their lives. Getting up and breaking a few bones may well be beyond their abilities, though not their desires. This leaves the burden on a generation who have been indoctrinated with rap, Ipods, and Euro politics and who scorn (as is the want of youth for age) all that old farts have lived for. What went wrong? – Nothing. It’s all going to plan. The ‘sheeple’ have no fur and no fangs. No guns no knives, knocked to the ground and sat upon, dragged from seminar for heckling. No smoking, no drinking, don’t kick a ball in the street. No representation. Game set and matched. Hypothermia and bailiffs will deal with non-compliance.

    ‘John Bull’s’ waiscoat is faded and torn, he still has a spine, but the head is severed, and in its place is stuck a pole with a blue flag and yellow stars. He’s grasping for a hand-hold, but there’s nothing there. His Zimmer frame has been removed.

    That photo at the article head makes me wonder who those apparent ex-servicemen are. If they fought an enemy for the freedom of their families and their countries, what now makes them stand erect, in respect, and maybe salute a flag that represents an invasion force every bit as undemocratic as that to which they once took up arms.

    Lies and deceit are the ‘Happy thoughts’ of government.

  3. 3 Robert 02/11/2010 at 9:08 am

    This from todays Telegraph:

    ‘Mr Cameron yesterday told MPs that closer military co-operation with the French is “in the long-term interests of both our countries” and insisted it will not give the European Union a role in Britain’s defence policy.

    He said: “To those who worry that this might in some way lead to sort of European armies – that is not the point. The point is to enhance sovereign capability by two like-minded countries being able to work together.” ‘

    I seem to remember in the 1970’s they were saying something similar about the Common Market. I notice that Dave doesn’t deny that it will lead to a European Army. That as he says is not the point. The point is that he thinks we are fools.

    There was always the danger in the European project that they would over play their hand. They are now starting to at least show their hand as this move will be understood by a lot of people for exactly what it is.

  4. 4 James Smith 17/02/2012 at 10:44 pm

    so David Icke was right after all then

    1 A World Army controlled by the EU
    2 A World Government
    3 A World Health Service

    He’s been saying for 20 years

  5. 5 Max 29/06/2012 at 3:36 pm

    So now Dutch forces have to defend the Falklands if the British tell us too. Hhmmm. Oh, well. The Roman Empire existed for 1500 years across most of Europe. We can make it work.

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