ECHR stops Dutch removing failed asylum seekers

Yet again the judicial activists at the European Court of Human Rights are using power they should not have to tell democratically elected parliamentarians, this time in the Netherlands, they cannot follow a course of action that has been discussed and voted upon. The Klein Verzet blog has the story and goes on to say:

That little episode shows you who our real masters are. Any pretence of being a sovereign, independent nation is just that: pretension. So, the question is now: What are we going to do?

At some point that question, which is increasingly being asked by people in EU member states, will have to be answered.

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  1. 1 Agincourt 04/11/2010 at 9:22 am

    Any EU member-state government with any pretension of concern for the interests of its existing citizens, voters, & taxpayers would pass a law repudiating this particular judgement. If that did not to prove strong enough to settle the issue, the government could alternatively call a referendum on the issue – preferably prior to any parliamentary procedures dealing with this matter. The human rights of those who voted (presuming there had been a majority against the ECHR’s ruling) surely would out-weigh those of a few false asylum seekers. But if the objectionable EHCR persisted, then that government should withdraw its country from membership of the EHCR – a threat that should be raised during the referendum.

    The EU might say to some member countries: no membership of the ECHR, no membership of the EU – but I doubt if they would dare to a major bugetary contributor country. But if the EU did, then the country should discretely refuse to comply with the ECHR – & also say: no more signatures by us to any future EU treaties unless membership of the EHCR is no longer an EU membership requirement. Simple… But would a UK (or Dutch) government have the guts & determination to say that? Not so far in Britain, anyway. Unless of course the current lot of UK quislings are replaced by people who are more like the Britons of old! Perhaps the Dutch have more guts. For their sake, let’s hope so!

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