Irish government’s disturbing abuse of power

The Irish High Court appears to have put an end to an outrageous abuse of power and affront to democracy by Ireland’s government.

Brian Cowen’s government is so unpopular it has refused to hold by-elections in three Irish constituencies because it is set to lose all three seats. This would result in a loss of Cowen’s majority and his ability to pass legislation such as that to cut the Irish deficit. The case was brought by Sinn Fein because the Irish government has deliberately left the Donegal South West seat unrepresented for 17 months to avoid having another opposition TD (member of the Dail) voting against them.

A judge in the High Court ruled today that the Irish government is violating the constitutional rights of voters by trying to delay the by-election in Donegal South West until next year. Cowen’s Chief Whip, John Curran, argued that Article 16.7 of the republic’s Constitution imposes no times limit for the holding of by-elections and so in a game of bureaucratic pass the parcel left the matter to the Oireachtas (national Parliament) which had not imposed any time limit in the legislation.

Rather than ensure the people of Donegal South West (and the other two constituencies currently without representation) elected and sent their chosen elected representative to the Dail, the government put its own political interests first and ensured an election was not called.

These are the kind of flagrant abuses of power that happen as democracy is eroded. With judicial competence being sucked into the centre of the EU, a neutered Irish High Court might in future be unable to address such issues. This is the world the political class have created and that ordinary people need to stand up against.

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  1. 1 Agincourt 04/11/2010 at 9:28 am

    They say he drinks so much now because he’s looking for his integrity somewhere at the bottom of a beer bottle! Clearly he hasn’t found it yet!

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