Some refreshing honesty from Europe

Move over London, we have a new capital city. We keep being told that the European Union is not a federation, just a customs union or a mere club with similar interests and strong trade links. In fact whenever the spectre of a federal Europe is raised the political elite rush forth to cool our fevered brows and reassure us they will not allow that to happen.

Yet despite this the EUObserver very kindly grinds the pretence into the dirt and calls a spade a spade. In a piece on traffic congestion in various cities it tells us that:

The EU capital is northern Europe’s fifth most congested city with drivers on average wasting 65 hours a year sitting in traffic according to fresh research by US software company Inrix.

Yes, you read that correctly. The EU capital. The EU no longer has an administrative centre, it has a capital city! Being a supine member of the European Union, and the EU having its own capital city, by definition that means the capital city of this country is Brussels. We always knew it but as confidence grows that the people’s have been defeated by the political class they now feel able to describe it as such.

Perhaps 95.8 Capital FM should rename itself or relocate to Brussels and First Capital Connect should make good on its name and run trains there through the channel tunnel. As it’s now tea time I think I’ll dispense with my pie, mash and liquor and cook up some lapin à la gueuze in honour of our gleaming metropolitan Eurohub.

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