Jack Straw, Tehran’s special friend?

‘Straw Endorses Iran’s Right for Peaceful Nuclear Program’ says the headline in the Iran News Daily. As propaganda goes it’s very rough and ready. But it underlines how a mouthpiece politician like Jack Straw can talk his way into trouble and hand a propaganda coup to a country that actively supports terrorism and has supplied insurgents in Iraq with the weapons and explosives to commit mass murder in an effort to keep Iraq unstable.

Our rent-a-quote man of Straw is quoted thus, and there is more besides:

Britain’s “continuous and apologetic support for the shah long after he lost credibility in the eyes of Iranians” had gravely strained the two countries’ relations for the past 30 years, he also said.

The former foreign secretary said that he read a lot on Iranian history and politics and continued to enjoy its distinguished literature.

With regard to Iran being discriminately singled out over its nuclear program, he accepted that in contrast Israel has a “clear nuclear capability.”

“They deny it but they do, so let’s be clear about that,” he added. Unlike Iran, he also said that it was not a member of the NPT but rejected inferences that this was permissible as was the case with regard to both India and Pakistan’s nuclear arms capability.

In line with the British government, Straw suggested that the issue of Israel’s nuclear arsenal should only be tackled after resolution to the Middle East conflict.

“People can argue if Israel should have been formed but it was,” he said. He also referred to the “perfidious role of UK” in its creation when reaching secret agreement.

“There was no argument for Israel to pull back from stealing people’s land. In the West Bank, the continued encroachment is terrible,” the former foreign secretary said, distracting away from the issue of Israel’s illegal stockpile of nuclear weapons.

No doubt Israel will be delighted to see a former British Foreign Minister offering Iran handy soundbites that give succour to Ahmadinejad’s regime. Let’s not forget Iran is a country that is enabling the stockpiling on weaponary by terrorist groups on Israel’s border in preparation for yet another conflict, yet Straw hands them a warped justification for their actions. Straw’s ‘it wasn’t me guv’ hypocrisy is sickening.

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